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Welcome to the Blues Talk forum!  This message board is an experiment in collegiality:  a place where viewers of my "Blues Talk" videos can come to share their thoughts, feelings, reactions, responses in a civil way, as part of an ongoing dialogue about the place of the blues in American and world culture.

In order to participate, and to discourage spammers, you'll need to apply for membership.  Just hit the "register" link and begin!  Please supply your real first and last name, a handle of your own choosing, and a working email address.  Please allow up to ONE FULL WEEK for approval.  If you haven't been approved in that time, please email me:  asgussow (at) aol (dot) com.

Here are the rules.  I've kept them short and sweet.  I'll expand them if and when that's needed.  On occasion, and only as a last resort after at least one warning, the moderators and I reserve the right to cancel your membership:

1)  Absolutely no flaming, insulting, or otherwise impugning the intelligence and/or good name of your fellow forum members, including me.  You are free to disagree vigorously with anything contained in the videos and/or asserted by discussants here, but that disagreement, however impassioned, must remain civil.  (Fact-based corrections of ANY errors contained in the "Blues Talk" videos are welcome.)

2)  Comments that bespeak casual (or principled) racism, sexism, or homophobia are forbidden.

3)  Assume that we are all adults here.  This is a blues forum.  The occasional four-letter word, used for emphasis, will be tolerated, but profanity beyond that--and the F-bomb, in particular--is forbidden.

4)  Please remain on-topic.  This is a forum designed to foster dialogue about the many blues-related issues raised by the "Blues Talk" series of videos.  Interpret that mission broadly, but please don't abuse it.  This is NOT a forum about musical gear, nor is it a forum dedicated to a specific instrument, its techniques, and the master musicians who play it.  (This website already has that sort of forum dedicated to blues harmonica and it is located HERE.  Membership in either forum enables one to participate in both forums, BTW.)  Off-topic posts are allowed on a very occasional basis, but please keep them infrequent, and please denote them with an "OT" at the beginning of the subject line.

5)  Failure to supply your real name and a working email address when you register is grounds for immediate termination of your membership.  Well-intentioned humans only, please.  Spammers and other evildoers are not welcome here.   


You can find out more about the basic mechanics of this forum--how to post YouTube videos, for example--by visiting the How-To page of the other (blues harmonica) forum on this website.  It's located HERE.

As the architect of "Blues Talk," I will of course participate here from time to time, but this forum is really intended to give YOU a place to connect with, and dialogue with, other viewers of the series.  If you're a scholar whose interest centers on, or overlaps with, the blues, I hope you'll use this forum to share the fruits of your research and/or suggest additional readings, videos, links, etc.

Thanks for showing up here!  Call and response is good.  I look forward to the conversation.   

--Adam Gussow (a.k.a., kudzurunner) 

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