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Why black folks dont fiddle
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Feb 13, 2014
4:41 PM
After listening to Adam relate the whitemans intrest or (invasion) of the blues to blacks moving to the mountains to take up bluegrass music I decided to do a search for blacks in bluegrass. The Carolina Chocolate Drops were the only band i could think of. I found this article "Why black folks don't fiddle" It was very insightful and paraleled the disintrest of the blues amoung blacks.
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Mar 26, 2014
10:12 AM
Interesting stuff that makes perfect sense
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Aug 01, 2014
4:33 PM
Black folks do and did fiddle. However, early 20th century folklorists declined to record them, favoring blues artists for black performers, and more fiddle-oriented players for white.

The reason offered was that the folklorists felt that black fiddlers were simply imitating whites while blues artists were truer to the core of African American folklife.

Frankly, I find that racist: IF you're black THEN you must play the blues to be "authentic."

In fact, Southern white old-time music was hugely influenced by black artists. That influence is a big reason that southern old-time music music sounds different from the music of the white players' Scots-Irish forebears.

The result of the suppression of black old-time music by folklorists was that a whole generation of black old-time artists were very sparsely recorded and presented to a wider public.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops, by the way, have actively sought out remaining black old-time artists and researched those of the past. They didn't just pop up out of nowhere in the year 2000.

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Sep 12, 2016
5:33 AM
Hi all! New to the forum. As far a black folks not fiddling..Have you heard of Black Violin?

Of course black folks fiddle..

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