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I have been using Tradebit as my file host since Modern Blues Harmonica began, more than a decade ago.  I've found their platform to be easy to use and trouble-free.  I've sold literally tens of thousand of files, perhaps several hundred thousand, to thousands of different customers over the years.  But occasionally, as with any system, things go wrong.  This happens to a very small fraction of my customers:  perhaps one out of every 500.  But it does happen from time to time--and if YOU are the person it happens to, that's no fun at all.  So here are a few things you should know.


1)  When something goes wrong, you should begin by emailing Tradebit:  tickets@tradebit.com.  They usually jump right on it.  Often they'll email you some troubleshooting tips.  If that doesn't resolve the problem, they'll sometimes email me and CC you, asking me to help.

2)  You should, of course, always feel free to email me:  asgussow@aol.com.  I'm on email quite a bit and I will always get back to you within 24 hours (and usually much more quickly than that), unless I happen to be on vacation or a work assignment in some place where I don't have email access, which happens once every year or two.  But please know that I DO want you to take possession and be able to use any file that you purchase from me. 

3)  If for whatever reason you are unable to download and open--i.e., use--a file or files that you've purchased from me, you may have a 100% refund, just by asking.  Please request the refund from Tradebit.  At no point, ever, do I want you to feel "ripped off."  I run on the honor system.  If things aren't right, I'll try to fix them.  Just ask.

4)  Although the great majority of the files that I sell were created on a Macbook, you do NOT need a Mac or other Apple product in order to use those files.  Many of my customers have PCs.

5)  I sell five kinds of files:  .zip, .mov, .pdf, .wav, and .mp3.  Pretty much any Mac or PC, laptop or desktop, can download, open, and use those files.  Have no fear!

6)  On the other hand, iPhones, tablets, Android devices, and other non-Mac, non-PC devices aren't all equipped to download, open, and use all five of those file types.  An increasing number of my customers, I've learned, have those sorts of devices and want to access my files on them.  In order to do that, you MAY need to download some freeware, and/or you MAY need to improvise a work-around.  I don't have any of these devices--I use a 2013 model MacBook and have a flip phone--so I can't provide you much guidance here.  I CAN tell you that if you simply google the name of your device plus "download play" and the type of file you're thinking about purchasing, you'll get lots of guidance from others who have figured out how, for example, to open a zip file on an Android device.  Here's an example:


7)  Posted below is some guidance from Tradebit.  This is the sort of help they'll offer you if you have problems downloading and/or opening my files on an iPhone. 

We are sorry to hear that you have had some difficulties with your purchase. 
Your product  is in a compressed "Zip" format to reduce download times.
iPhones and iPads do not come with an unzip utility installed. You can download one of the free apps below to open your file:


8) When in doubt, buy my stuff!  If you're unable to download, open, and use something you've purchased from me,we're always happy to refund your full purchase price.  So there's absolutely no risk to you.  Just email Tradebit (tickets@tradebit.com), CC me (asgussow@aol.com), tell us what you purchased and what email address you used to purchase it, and you'll get your refund within 48 hours (and often sooner than that).  We don't grill you about what went wrong.  We try to help and then, if that simply doesn't work, we refund your money, no questions asked. 

9)  Occasionally I get emails from customers who purchased my lessons at some point in the past, then had a computer crash or theft.  They wonder if there's any way I can re-send them their files.  The answer is Yes!  It's called "reactivating your downloads."  It's easy to do; I'm always happy to do it.  Just send me the email address that you used to purchase the original files--the address connected with your method of purchase, which is where your original download codes would have been sent--and I can easily go to "my" side of Tradebit, click a couple of buttons, and have brand-new download codes sent to you.

10)  Thanks for your business!

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