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Playing along with jam tracks, regardless of your skill level, is THE single best way of lifting yourself to the next level.  Back in the day, we didn't have jam tracks.  We just found a record a groove we liked and some licks we wanted to steal.  Then we played that cut to death and soloed over the top of whatever was going on, hoping that some real blues flavor somehow rubbed off on our own stuff.

That's not a bad way to learn.  But jam tracks are an improvement.  You're not stepping all over some other harmonica player.  You've got the whole floor to yourself.  You've got plenty of time to lock into the groove.  And you've got a bunch of different grooves to work with.

I currently offer several sets of jam tracks for instant download:


§BLUES HARMONICA JAM TRACKS with Charlie Hilbert, Vol. 1

Charlie Hilbert is an exceptionally skilled and soulful blues guitarist, somebody I've known and played with for more than 25 years.  He's got ALL the downhome grit.  The blues he plays are alive; they're not a museum piece.  Here, in a blues-duo-minus-one format, he becomes the crusty, dependable blues guitar guy that all blues harmonica students need.




This popular set of jam tracks also includes a ONE-HOUR VIDEO TUTORIAL in which I explain how to make best use of each track.  I've sold hundreds of these and people love them.


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