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Adam Gussow Crossroads:
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My debut music video, a one-man-band version of "Crossroads Blues" released in 2010, has been remixed, remade, and re-attempted by a few people over the years.  I've posted the original below, followed by a few of those videos.  If you know of any more, or if you've created such a video yourself, please contact me (asgussow@aol.com) and I'll post it here.






The homages actually began the year BEFORE the video was released, after I uploaded the following video to YouTube in late May of 2009:


Within two weeks, in mid-June 2009, a fine Swedish player named Hakan Ehn had uploaded the following.  It's scary how quickly and far ideas travel in cyberspace!:


But Hakan didn't stop there.  One month later he uploaded the following version.  Can you hear what he's done?  He's changed up the harp; instead of playing it in second position (cross harp), he's moved to third position, giving it a minor feel:


Hakan has gone on to become one of the most creative and prolific blues harmonica video creators on YouTube.  It would be fair to say that I was scared by how quickly he was moving on the song!  I'd purchased my own set of foot drums in early June 2009; about a year later I went into the studio and recorded the version of "Crossroads Blues" that sits at the top of this page.  Hakan's quick and brilliant transformation of my first version gave me a kick in the pants and made me want to up the ante.  I'll always be thankful to Hakan for that.


Here's a live version from a solo concert I did in San Jose, California in 2013: