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Front Porch Blues:
an exercise in ear-training


In March 2007, during my first burst of uploads to YouTube, I improvised a slow blues in a harmonica video that, to my amazement, struck a nerve with players around the world.  A number of them created tribute videos of a particular kind:  determined attempts to replicate my improvisation--almost as though it were a final exam they needed to ace in order to graduate.  They did this without any help on my part.  Which is to say:  they listened very closely, figured out what I was doing, and committed each phrase to memory.   I am hugely impressed by their achievement.

After accruing more than 350,000 hits, my video was later taken down by YouTube for no reason I could understand.  I re-uploaded it to Vimeo, then later, in November 2014, put it back up on YouTube, retitled so as to avoid detection.

Here is the original video and a handful of those versionings.  The second video, created by Vlad Budnick, adds an entire rhythm section to my solo harp!

ALSO:  a tab is available at Tradebit for this entire solo.  It costs $1. 















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