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The MBH Forum How-To


First off: Say 'Hello' to the community (come on... don't be shy :)
-where are you from? MBH forum members sign in....

And put your pin on the map
1. Log into your google account or create one here
2. Click here, type your address in the search box and press "Save to...". 
- Be sure to use the same handle as on the forum.
- Feel free to add a little description, a photo of you and your front porch... or whatever.
- Some contact information/YT channel would be nice too...
If you have any questions check out the initial thread

In case the map does not display correctly try zooming in or simply follow the link below the map.

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Now go ahead and join...

Harpfriends - the MBH-Forum YT group. If you have a little trick, technique, discovery, or little song to share that is easier done so with a webcam than typing feel free to share it here.

and of course there's also a Harpfriends Group on Facebook. Just search for 'Modern Blues Harmonica'.

Have a look at the MBH-Archive. Not really up to date... but here we go.

+ Bazaar:
  -SELLmp3s, cds, books
  -SELL amps mics and other equipment

Want to get added to the MBH playlist?  It's a YouTube playlist that we started in August 2017.  If you have a video on YouTube of you playing something and you are a member you can ask us to add you to the list.  Here is the thread where you ask to be put on.  (We may make more specialized lists for tutorials or critiques if there is a demand.  Let us know what you think on the thread).

MBH Playlist Thread


2018 For Sale Page

2017 For Sale Page

2016 For Sale Page

2015 For Sale Page

2014 For Sale Page

2013 For Sale Page

2012 For Sale Page

2011 For-Sale Page

2010 For-Sale Page


Some tips to get around the Forum:

HTML: The forum allows all kind of

codes. Just post the codes below into the text box. Copying the codes and internet addresses (CTRL+C, copy, CTRL+V, paste) helps to avoid mistakes. 
To test thestuff in a care-free environment follow this link: 

OT: Practice Your Forum Skills 

Create a Signature

Once you signed in, an 'Account' link will appear on the top right of the website. Follow the link to tinker with your account settings. One thing that should be pointed out is the Account Signature. Whatever you type into the box and save, will automatically be shown on everyone of your posts. Do you have a Youtube account? See how to link your YouTube channel below.

Insert a link to a website

For instance your YouTube Channel:


<a href="Your YouTube Page URL Here">What You Want To Call The Link Here</a>

Embedding a video

Embedding a video is the easiest. Just right from the Youtube video, below the description you'll see a little text box with some html code. Select the text and copy it in to the text box. It turns out to be quite a chunk of text but it will appear as an embedded video... (the wonders of html ;)

For Facebook videos click on the little ellipsis in the top right of the post and you'll get a drop  down that will give you an embed code.

Post sound files

You can either link it as discribed above, or you can embed it directly with the following code

<embed src="http://www.abc.com/anySoundfile.mp3" width="350" height="40" autostart="false" type="audio/mpeg" loop="false"></embed>

That said, every time HTML coding changes, or browsers update we seem to have problems that break these links for some browsers, causing them to autoplay or stop working altogether.  Because of that, we suggest that instead you turn it into a YouTube video and post that.  You can use any photo as a placeholder (or actual video); there is free software to turn audio files into movie files.  Apple includes it in their basic software and Windows Movie Maker is a free download.  It only takes a couple minutes to get the basics down and post it, and it should be much more reliable in the long run.  We'll try to get a tutorial up soon.

Post pictures

The html code will disapear and be replaced by a picture.

<img src="http://www.abc.com/anyPicture.jpg">


YouTube is good, but there are alternatives. All Video Hosting Services allow easy and free registration. Uploading videos with YouTube is explained here. If you used anything except a webcam be sure to run the vid through an editing software before uploading. Otherwise the file will be way to big and it will take ages to upload.

Sound Files and Pictures

To upload pictures, sound files or any other files that you want to share you need a web space to deposit your stuff. Unfortunately it is neither possible to upload the files to Youtube, nor the MBH Forum, or your e-mail Account - so you really need an additional account for your files (sorry ;). Fortunately there are several free file hosting services around. Photobucket is in wide use for photos. Then there is MediaFire to upload files. If you want more choice, have a look at this list of hosting services.

Video Editing Software

Microsoft Movie Maker:  Check out this YouTube video for the basics
In case you record the video seperate from the sound you'll have to synchronize the two. Just import the soundfile into MovieMaker and drag it into the timeline. You'll have to synchronize it manually.

iMovie:  Photo Booth records Quicktime movies from Mac webcams and Garageband is great for quickly throwing together jam tracks. Check out the iMovie tutorial.

Audio Recording Software

Audacity is an open source audio software. Click here to download. Check out these YouTube Audacity tutorials.


If you have any questions, recommendations or whatever, post a thread in the forum or write me at membership@modernbluesharmonica.com