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For Sale 2018
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Jan 01, 2018
10:20 AM
Happy New Year to everybody. I would like to start off 2018 with something special.

I have been working on a project for several months and am happy to finally bring it to market. I have about 60 Ready-to-Go Custom Harmonicas featuring Electroplated Combs and Covers. I have a pretty good assortment of Models, Comb Material and Finishes. I have Black Nickel-Plated, Chrome Plated and Silver-Plated combs and covers. Some harps are mono-color (same color comb and covers) and others are mix and match. Prices range from $169.95 to $199.95. All the information is available on my website. You can click on any of the photos below and it will open up a photo gallery on PhotoBucket.

Hohner Special 20s

 photo SP20 Chrome_zpsybpjdulu.jpg

 photo SP20 Chrome amp Black_zpsvsxkmk7c.jpg

Hohner Golden Melodys

 photo GM Black Nickel_zpsvz5o2i3k.jpg

Seydel 1847s

 photo 1847 Chrome_zpsb5assxgc.jpg

Seydel Blues Session Steels

 photo SS Chrome_zpsq8g7rzlk.jpg

Blue Moon Plated Harps

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
The Iceman
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Jan 01, 2018
10:22 AM
Being a Golden Melody man myself (like being a "Dapper Dan man, myself"), I must say that yours looks simply beautiful!
The Iceman
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Jan 01, 2018
10:23 AM
Thank you Iceman. I appreciate the kind words.

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
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Jan 01, 2018
11:24 AM
Added to the Forum FAQ Page. :)

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Jan 03, 2018
10:05 AM
I do agree with Iceman, on those Golden Melodies Florida... Lookin' good!
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Jan 09, 2018
8:40 AM
I've got a #001198 B-radical for sale for parts. Reedplates are hardly usable, but there are some of its reeds left there. Covers and comb are in excellent condition.


Free Harp REPAIR Center
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Jan 11, 2018
7:54 AM
B-radical in Bb for sale. Never used it live, just a bit random playing at home. Did some tweaking for overbends stabilization. Although I play only few hours coverplates coating start to disappear. My name is engraved on bottom coverplate. Serial number B-RAD-001559. 500$/415 euro

PM on FB https://www.facebook.com/boris.plotnikov.9
or email info@borisplotnikov.ru

Photos (clickable)

My website. My album with Mikhail Bashakov. Seydel endorser. LoneWolf Blues Co endorser. Harmonica teacher. My facebook.

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Jan 12, 2018
12:39 PM
CBH 2016 C Chromatic for sale. In decent condition.
CBH 2016

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Jan 12, 2018
6:12 PM
Jim, just curious what your looking to get for that B Rad.

Great looking work Tom.
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Jan 13, 2018
11:44 AM
Mint Bullettini with VC. Only played a couple of times. Never gigged. Comes with original box, velvet pouch and paperwork. $200 and free shipping in the US.

I have loads of mics and though this is a great one it's surplus to requirements and I need the cash right now.

Too much action to post a picture, besides you undoubtedly know what it looks like and it's virtually new. Not a mark on it.

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