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For Sale 2018
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Jan 01, 2018
10:20 AM
Happy New Year to everybody. I would like to start off 2018 with something special.

I have been working on a project for several months and am happy to finally bring it to market. I have about 60 Ready-to-Go Custom Harmonicas featuring Electroplated Combs and Covers. I have a pretty good assortment of Models, Comb Material and Finishes. I have Black Nickel-Plated, Chrome Plated and Silver-Plated combs and covers. Some harps are mono-color (same color comb and covers) and others are mix and match. Prices range from $169.95 to $199.95. All the information is available on my website. You can click on any of the photos below and it will open up a photo gallery on PhotoBucket.

Hohner Special 20s

 photo SP20 Chrome_zpsybpjdulu.jpg

 photo SP20 Chrome amp Black_zpsvsxkmk7c.jpg

Hohner Golden Melodys

 photo GM Black Nickel_zpsvz5o2i3k.jpg

Seydel 1847s

 photo 1847 Chrome_zpsb5assxgc.jpg

Seydel Blues Session Steels

 photo SS Chrome_zpsq8g7rzlk.jpg

Blue Moon Plated Harps

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
The Iceman
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Jan 01, 2018
10:22 AM
Being a Golden Melody man myself (like being a "Dapper Dan man, myself"), I must say that yours looks simply beautiful!
The Iceman
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Jan 01, 2018
10:23 AM
Thank you Iceman. I appreciate the kind words.

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
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Jan 01, 2018
11:24 AM
Added to the Forum FAQ Page. :)

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Jan 03, 2018
10:05 AM
I do agree with Iceman, on those Golden Melodies Florida... Lookin' good!
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Jan 09, 2018
8:40 AM
I've got a #001198 B-radical for sale for parts. Reedplates are hardly usable, but there are some of its reeds left there. Covers and comb are in excellent condition.


Free Harp REPAIR Center
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Jan 11, 2018
7:54 AM
B-radical in Bb for sale. Never used it live, just a bit random playing at home. Did some tweaking for overbends stabilization. Although I play only few hours coverplates coating start to disappear. My name is engraved on bottom coverplate. Serial number B-RAD-001559. 500$/415 euro

PM on FB https://www.facebook.com/boris.plotnikov.9
or email info@borisplotnikov.ru

Photos (clickable)

My website. My album with Mikhail Bashakov. Seydel endorser. LoneWolf Blues Co endorser. Harmonica teacher. My facebook.

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Jan 12, 2018
6:12 PM
Jim, just curious what your looking to get for that B Rad.

Great looking work Tom.
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Jan 13, 2018
11:44 AM

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Mar 14, 2018
1:15 PM
Last year I got a small batch of Linen Phenolic Resin combs made for the Marine Band, Manji and Seydel 1847. The feedback has been very positive. A lot of people have told me that the tone resembles that of wood. The manufacturer uses different materials to fill and strengthen the resin – sort of like using rebar in concrete. In addition to using fine linen fabric, they also use paper, which is available in black and “Natural” which is a nice medium brown. When it is finished nicely it looks like wood.
Phenolic Resin Combs photo IMG_1455_zpsbkmvnc1d.jpg

Phenolic Resin Combs photo IMG_1453_zpsy2nj25tw.jpg

Marine Band Natural Paper Phenolic Resin Comb photo IMG_1483_zps90fbw9t8.jpg

I just finished preparing a batch of Marine Band and Manji combs. All the combs are fine sanded to remove the milling marks and sealed with all natural Zissner Bulls Eye Shellac. The tips of the tines were finished with a thin coat of Liquid Glass which provides an ultra-smooth and slick surface for your lips and tongue. The edges were finished with a few micro-thin coats of wipe-on polyurethane.

You can click on any of the photos and it will take you to a photo album on PhotoBucket.com

So here they are – available as components for the Do-it-Yourselfers, or in custom harps at Blue Moon Harmonicas

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
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Mar 29, 2018
9:02 AM
I now have Double Reed Plate Low Tuned Rockets available. Here are some photos of some harps with Brass Combs. If you like the low keys, these harps are wonderfully responsive and resonant. I will have some photos of them with Aluminum, Corian and Fancy Acrylic Combs shortly.

 photo IMG_1791_zpsxog9x0oz.jpg

 photo IMG_1787_zpso0k201vz.jpg

 photo IMG_1781_zpsbjzaocjr.jpg

Available at Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC.
Double Reed Plate SP20 with Brass Comb

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
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Apr 30, 2018
8:29 AM
Ready-to-Go Custom Special 20

Hot Red Dupont™ Corian® Comb

18 Available for Immediate Shipping

Keys = G, A, Bb, C, D, E

I have a fresh batch of Ready-to-Go Custom Special 20s available for immediate shipping. Generally, the turn-around time on my custom harps is 6-8 weeks, but you specify the Make, Model, Key, Custom Comb and Set-up. The “trade-off” with these harps is that you don’t get to choose the comb material, color or custom set-up. They are Tuned to Modern Compromise Temperament @ A=442 Hz (which is my Standard Blues Set-up) and are built on beautiful Hot Red Dupont™ Corian® Combs. These harps are built to the same exacting standards that all custom Blue Moon Harmonicas harps are built, and are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ready-to-Go Special 20s

 photo Hot Red SP20_zpsxgteinnx.jpg

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Moon Cat
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Apr 30, 2018
4:06 PM
I REALLY love these products and the many options from Blue Moon. I have recently after much careful consideration left Suzuki Harmonicas Japan so that I may be free to play and/or try any mode/make harmonica I choose. I get almost all my harmonicas from Tom Halchak. I've been playing a lot of Golden Melody's again...I reaklly like the Blue Moon GM combs! I still of course LOVE all the other harmonicas I have from Joe Spiers, Richard Sleigh and a few Filiskos I scored off ebay but I play a TON of harmonicas from Blue Moon worked on by by Tom and/or by me with Tom parts and I am very happy. I really love all the comb options and non rusting powder coat options. I have lots of different combos I dig for different keys and different frankenstein combos that are a ton of fun but my favorite is the Linen comb and the silver coated plates on a Manji! I'll have a new video out soon featuring some of my favorite blue Moon Harmonicas.
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May 20, 2018
8:07 PM
I just posted a couple of custom Marine band Harvey Harps on the official For Sale Page. $145 including Postage. Key of A and Bb, Blue Moon Acrylic Comb, full custom.

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May 21, 2018
2:51 AM
Great-looking combs Tom :) And welcome back to the free-lance world Jason! Being an endorser to one manufacturer is something many players aspire to, but in my opinion it's a poisoned chalice.

Sure you get 'free' perks, but they come with a price. As Jason says, your options on what you can play and say publicly are severely restricted. After a while that really starts to chafe - it's such a relief when you can be yourself again, play what harps you want and say what you really think.

The grey area comes with the longevity of the stuff you did for the company when you were with them. I did a whole load of promo videos for Suzuki that they still use widely to sell their harps, online and in shops. I also wrote a lot of the product text that they continue to use in all their brochures (eg. for the Manji).

Don't get me wrong: Suzuki paid me well and I was happy to do the best job I could for them while employed by the company. I think I helped them a lot, and I also benefitted in many ways. But whereas in many jobs your association with an employer ends when you leave, the nature of online promotion is that a lot of the stuff you did while in the endorsement deal stays on the web pretty much indefinitely. That still benefits the company even though they are no longer paying for your services, because an association is still implied in the minds of people who don't know the new reality.

Even though I left them 5 years ago, many people still think I'm a Suzuki endorser because of those Youtube videos. Likewise Jason's many videos extolling the virtues of the Manji will continue to help sell Manjis for many years to come.

The longevity of content on the internet as well as the longevity of harmonica models plays into the manufacturers' hands here. If harmonicas changed shape and look every year like cars or phones, the value of a star player endorsement would be lost as soon as the old model was superseded. But harps live on for decades, even centuries in the case of the Marine Band! As long as a player maintains their profile they will continue to add value in the online space to products they endorsed years before and may no longer use - because the product hasn't changed.

It's a win-win for the companies - they must be smiling in Hamamatsu :-)

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May 22, 2018
7:08 AM
Anyone looking to sell a Joyo American Sound? I know they are dirt cheap to begin with, but thought it was worth checking.
My Website
My Harmonica Effects Blog
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May 24, 2018
1:39 PM
I have a pile of Ready-to-Go Custom Suzuki Manjis available for immediate shipping – no wait. There are twenty harps in total – 10 with Clear Anodized Aluminum Combs and 10 with Hot Red Dupont™ Corian® combs. Keys available include G, A, Bb, C and D. There are two harps in each key with each comb choice – 4 of each key total.

 photo A_zpszhcwlrtq.jpg

To see more photos, just click on the one above.

For full details about the set-up and tuning, check my please website:
Ready-to-Go Custom Manjis

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
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Jun 15, 2018
2:43 AM
I have a Voodoo Anti-Feedback pedal for sale.

Brand new condition, with instructions. £80 plus shipping.

Email me if interested: paddy_wells at hotmail dot com

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