T-SHIRTS for sale:
The Modern Blues Harmonica selection at Cafe Press

If you're a fan of Modern Blues Harmonica and want to let the world know about it, or want a cool gift for a harmonica-crazed friend, we've got just what you're looking for.  With the help of several members of the blues harp forum here at MBH, we've worked up some inspiring designs, creeds, and logos and submitted them to CafePress, a unique enterprise that partners with small businesses like this one.  

Cafe Press offers t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, kids clothing, coffee mugs, truckers caps, and a range of other products, all stamped with those MBH images and sayings, including "Devilishly Difficult" and "Twelve Bars is All You Get."  

Cafe Press offers all the clothing items in a wide range of sizes; the company is known for fast, attentive service.

Please hit the link below and you'll be taken to the Modern Blues Harmonica page at Cafe Press:







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ADAM GUSSOW is an official endorser for HOHNER HARMONICAS