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The Blues Doctors, "Tequila" (single, 2014)

The Blues Doctors, ROOSTERS HAPPY HOUR (2013)

Adam Gussow, SOUTHBOUND (2011)

Satan and Adam, BACK IN THE GAME (2011)

Adam Gussow, KICK AND STOMP (2010)

Satan and Adam, WORD ON THE STREET (2009)

Adam Gussow and Charlie Hilbert, LIVE IN KLINGENTHAL (2008)

Adam Gussow and Charlie Hilbert, BLUES CLASSICS (2007)

Nat Riddles and Charlie Hilbert, EL CAFÉ STREET LIVE! (2007)

Adam Gussow and Ben Bouman, “Stone Fox Breakdown” (single, 2008)

 Adam Gussow playing "Walkin' Through the Park" with Will Tucker (15-year-old Memphis guitar phenom)



I don't offer the first three Satan and Adam albums for sale at this website, but Amazon stocks them and Rounder is paying us royalties.



If you'd like SATAN AND ADAM DOWNLOADS for the three albums above, please hit the link below:

Satan and Adam


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