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My first book, Mister Satan's Apprentice:  A Blues Memoir (1998), has recently been reissued in a new edition (November 2009) by the University of Minnesota Press.  Hit the icon just below and it will take you to the page at where you can buy the book at a great discount.  (Mister Satan's Apprentice is also available from and  You can also order directly from the publisher:


If you'd like an unabridged audiobook version of Mister Satan's Apprentice, narrated by author, you can get that from Tradebit:

 Here's a video-book preview of Mister Satan's Apprentice:



Seems Like Murder Here:  Southern Violence and the Blues Tradition (Chicago, 2002)

Journeyman's Road:  Modern Blues Lives From Faulkner's Mississippi to Post-9/11 New York (Tennessee, 2007)


Here's a 58-minute video, filmed in August 2011 at the Hudson Valley Writer's Center, in which I read the first chapter of Mister Satan's Apprentice and then play some one-man band music:

Hudson Valley Writers' Center "Blues in Word & Song" from Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown Channel on Vimeo.


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