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These days I work primarly as a duo with Alan Gross, as The Blues Doctors.  We are willing to travel to where the work is, including overseas.  If you'd like to book us for YOUR festival, club, or private party, please contact me via email: 

As an experienced teacher and lecturer, I'm also delighted to offer my services for harmonica-related teaching events:  clinics, workshops, and the like; the OMB format, in such cases, lets me deliver a self-contained, concert-ready set of music to complement the instructional portion of the event.  (In other words, you don't need to hire a band to back me up.)  I'm ready, willing, and able to travel, within the confines of my nine-month teaching appointment at the University of Mississippi.  If you think you've got a gig for me, please don't hesitate to ask!


Here are my upcoming gigs:

10/9/15:  Helena, AR - King Biscuit Blues Festival (Blues Doctors, busking 12-5)

10/10/15:Tallulah, LA - Teddy's Bearfest (Blues Doctors, TBA)

10/16/15:Oxford, MS - Afrissippi Food Truck (publication party for Gussow's first novel, Busker's Holiday; w/Blues Doctors, 5:30 - 7:30.  Address is 1503 White Oak Lane, by The Local Voice office)

10/17/15:Clarksdale, MS - Deep Blues Festival (Blues Doctors busking 12-5 in front of Southern Expressions, 339 Delta Ave. just down from Ground Zero.  Copies of Busker's Holiday available!)

11/12/15: Boston, MA - Museum of Fine Arts (private party, Blues Doctors, 7-10 PM)

12/11/15: Salt Lake City, UT - TBA (Blues Doctors)

12/12/15: Salt Lake City, UT - harmonica workshop TBA

12/12/15: Cottonwood Heights, UT - Hog Wallow (Blues Doctors with Tony Holiday/Talia Keys opening; 8:30 until)

1/16/16:  Denver, CO - Gussow/Shellist Workshop @ Ziggie's Saloon (w/Blues Doctors, Ronnie Shellist, and special guests, all day workshop + evening harp showcase)

2/26/16:  Panama City, FL - Dancers' Guide to All the Blues (a blues dancing + music workshop with Damon Stone, Rebecca Strickland, Laura Wood...lectures, dance and harmonica workshops, and evening dance concerts, including The Blues Doctors!, TBA)

2/27/16:  Panama City, FL - Dancers' Guide to All the Blues

2/28/16:  Panama City, FL - Dancers' Guide to All the Blues

4/7/16:    Rochester, NY - Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Individualized Study (lecture:  "Who Sells Their Soul in a Construction Zone?  The Truth About 'the Crossroads' in Clarksdale, Mississippi"; 3-4:30 PM)







Satan and Adam

Harlem Blues - Mother Mojo - Living on the River

Sterling Magee - Adam Gussow


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