Adam's gigs + booking information

These days I work primarly as a duo with Alan Gross, as The Blues Doctors.  We are willing to travel to where the work is, including overseas.  


§for USA/Canada bookings, please contact Adam Gussow:

§for Europe/UK bookings, please contact Peter Nelissen at BAFMusic:

As an experienced teacher and lecturer, I'm also delighted to offer my services for harmonica-related teaching events:  clinics, workshops, and the like; the OMB format, in such cases, lets me deliver a self-contained, concert-ready set of music to complement the instructional portion of the event.  (In other words, you don't need to hire a band to back me up.)  I'm ready, willing, and able to travel, within the confines of my nine-month teaching appointment at the University of Mississippi.  If you think you've got a gig for me, please don't hesitate to ask!


Here are my upcoming gigs:

2/12/16: Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

2/15/16:   Clarksdale, MS - Bluesberry Cafe (Blues Doctors,7:30 - 10:30 PM)

4/7/16:    Rochester, NY - Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Individualized Study (lecture:  "Who Sells Their Soul in a Construction Zone?  The Truth About 'the Crossroads' in Clarksdale, Mississippi"; 3-4:30 PM plus harp workshop TBA)

4/15/16:  Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

4/16/16:  Clarksdale, MS - Juke Joint Festival (Blues Doctors busking in front of Southern Expressions, 12-5 PM)

4/23/16:  Oxford, MS - Double Decker Festival (Blues Doctors busking across from Rooster's Blues House, 12-4 PM)

5/12/16:  Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

5/20/16:  Tampa/St. Pete - Sterling "Mr. Satan" Magee's 80th birthday party! (w/Satan and Adam, TC Carr, and special guests, details TBA)

6/5/16:    Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

6/18/16:  Bentonia, MS - Bentonia Blues Festival (Blues Doctors, TBA)

6/23/16:  Holly Springs, MS - North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic harmonica workshop (with John Nemeth, Watermelon Slim, Todd Parrott, and Adam Gussow; 9 AM - 4 PM)

7/9/16:    Aztec, NM - Aztec Theater (Blues Doctors + harp workshop, TBA)

7/14/16:  St. Louis, MO - B.B.'s Jazz, Blues and Soups (Blues Doctors, 7 - 9:30)

7/16/16:  Oxford, MS - Oxford Blues Festival (Blues Doctors, TBA)

7/22/16:  Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop

7/23/16:  Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop

7/24/16:  Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop

7/25/16:  Edinburgh, Scotland - available for private lessons (please contact Tomlin Leckie:

7/28/16:  London, England - Harmonica Summer Camp 2016 (with Paul Lamb, Brendan Power, Lee Sankey, and more)

8/18/16:  Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

9/3/16:    Como, MS - Sharde Thomas's annual Othar Turner picnic (Blues Doctors, TBA)







Satan and Adam

Harlem Blues - Mother Mojo - Living on the River

Sterling Magee - Adam Gussow




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