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The dynamic blues duo of Adam Gussow (harmonica) and Charlie Hilbert (guitar), captured in concert at the Mundharmonika-live Festival in Klingenthal, Germany in 2008.  The ten tracks include classics by Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters as well as more contemporary jazz and funk stylings by Herbie Hancock and The Meters.

Also included is a long (14+ minute) bonus track featuring the legendary New York harmonica master Nat Riddles going head to head with Gussow in 1990 at a Richmond, VA jam session on Big Walter Horton's "Have a Good Time." 

11 mp3s saved at a high bit rate (150+ kb/s) and professionally mastered for superior stage presence.  A 100+ MB download.  Below is a complete list of songs and harp keys.  FOR A THREE-SONG PREVIEW AND A FULL DESCRIPTION THE ALBUM, PLEASE HIT THE FOLLOWING LINK:



Index to tracks:                length        harp key
1.   Watermelon Man          6:46           B-flat       
2.   She Moves Me             4:25           B-flat       
3.   Key to the Highway      4:09           D, A    
4.   Cissy Strut                    5:24          C       
5.   Help Me                        6:13          C
6.   Easy                              6:24          A       
7.   Wrong Doing Woman    4:04          D-flat   
8.   Cold Shot                      4:46          A       
9.   You Dont Have to Go    5:31          B
10. Got My Mojo Working    4:40         A
Bonus Track:  Have a Good Time 14:30    C   

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