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The Gigging Life:
resources for professional harp players


It isn't easy being a touring blues harmonica pro--or a weekend warrior, or anything in between.  No sane person would check off the box marked "professional blues harmonica player" unless they were intent not just on pursuing their dreams, but in breaking the hearts of all the friends and family who hoped they'd choose a more.....reasonable lifestyle.

Still, we love this music.  We're passionate about it.  Some of us are good enough that we've found a way of playing it live--or in the studio--and making money at it.  So I've created this page in an effort to share my own professional knowledge and, more importantly, to serve as a clearing house for the accumulated wisdom of my peers.


BBQ Bob Maglinte and Walter Tore, two veterans of the blues life, pass along some war stories:



What makes for a great blues drummer?:




Joe Filisko's newsletter, "You Missed Monday," has a comprehensive daily listing of blues harmonica shows in Chicago:



Is Bluesville (Sirius/XM) is playing your new CD?  Find out which tracks are getting played, and when:



Is your new CD is making the Top 50 on the weekly Roots Music Report blues chart?:



Jason Ricci's legendary 18-page essay on the impossible life of a touring pro:

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