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My teacher, the late Nat Riddles, an unacknowledged contemporary master of the blues harmonica, finally has a live album that does justice to his mastery.  Working from a number of tapes I recorded on the streets of NYC with a Sony Walkman Professional in June 1989, I've assembled a double CD of Nat's "El Cafe Street" performances with Charlie Hilbert on guitar:  raw, real, and vivid.  Two-and-a-half hours worth of music for only $10.

Here's the link to the NAT RIDDLES album, which will also give you a free preview of Nat's playing:


For a Nat Riddles discography and more photos, here's another link:



Here's a YouTube video featuring one of Nat's recordings with bluesman Larry Johnson: 


And here's another:


photo of Nat Riddles by BETH HORSLEY (beth@bethhorsley.com)





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