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Pete Farmer's foot-powered drums

If you're a harp player looking to transform yourself into a one-man band, this is the link to check out!

Wandering Wilf's Harp Surgery (UK)

Great UK site!

National Harmonica League (UK)
London Harmonica School (UK)
London Harmonicas (UK)

A harmonica meet-up group in the UK capital

Blues in Britian (UK)
Blues & Rhythm magazine (UK)

The leading UK blues magazine.

Dov Hammer (Israel)
Academia de la Armonica (Spain)
Harmonica.It (harp - Italy)
Coyote Bluesharp (Germany)

Klaus Gehrmann's website.  Harmonica instructional downloads and videos.

Bluesharp Info
Richard Sleigh Harps

My friend Richard is a fine, versatile player, a skilled teacher, and one of the best harmonica tweakers-and-modifiers on the scene.

Blue Moon Harmonicas

Tom Halchak's site.  "Injecting color and fun into the harmonica world!"

Sonny Jr. Amps
Harmonica Club
Harmonica Academy
HarmoPoint: Harmonica Easy, You Play What you See
Rob Paparozzi (harp - USA)

Rob is one of the best-known--and best--harmonica guys in the New York area, and one of the few with an international reputation, thanks to his gig as a front-man with The Blues Brothers and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Winslow Yerxa (harp - USA)
Miguel Weissman (harp - USA)
Mark the Harper (USA)

NYC veteran from the East Village juke joints

Blues Kat
Blues Harp Amps blog

A set of important harmonica links can be found here.

The Country Blues

A guide to contemporary acoustic and traditional blues.  Hosted by Frank Matheis

Crossroads Blues Society of Northern Illinois
Alabama Blues Society
Highway 61 blues radio (Mississippi)

If you're a fan of Mississippi blues--classic, contemporary, or both--and want to know what's going on, you can't do better than the website of Highway 61, a long-running blues radio show based at the University of Mississippi.  Hosted by my good friend Scott Barretta, a former editor of Living Blues magazine and a leading scholar/journalist of the blues.

Billtown Blues Association
The Route 66 Harmonica Club (Tulsa, OK)
Magic City Blues Society (Birmingham, AL)
Coyote Blues-Harp (aka Klaus Gehrman) (Germany)

Klaus plays harp in the Hamburg-based band, Nervous Fellows.  He also teaches harp.

Blues.Pl (Polish Blues)
Metal Guitar (Guitar War jam site)
Reed's Tickets (Broadway & NYC events)

...and harmonicas, of course!  Click the icon; it's the model I've been using for more than 30 years:

Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica Pro Pack


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