Adam's gigs + booking information

These days I work primarly as a duo with Alan Gross, as The Blues Doctors.  We are willing to travel to where the work is, including overseas.  


§for Mississippi/local bookings, please contact Adam Gussow:

§for US/international bookings, please contact Doug Tackett at Road Dawg Touring:

§for Europe/UK club gigs, please contact Peter Nelissen at BAFMusic:


As an experienced teacher and lecturer, I'm also delighted to offer my services for harmonica-related teaching events:  clinics, workshops, and the like; the OMB format, in such cases, lets me deliver a self-contained, concert-ready set of music--often with the help of a local guitar player--to complement the instructional portion of the event.  I'm ready, willing, and able to travel.  If you think you've got a gig for me, please don't hesitate to ask!


Here are my upcoming gigs:

10/4/19:  Camden, SC - Carolina Downhome Blues Festival (Blues Doctors, 7-9 PM)

10/5/19:  Camden, SC - Carolina Downhome Blues Festival (Blues Doctors, 2-3:15 @ bookstore; 4-6 PM backstage @ arts center)

10/11/19:Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

10/30/19:Tupelo, MS - Blue Canoe (Blues Doctors, 7:30 - 9 PM)

11/3/19:  Clarksdale, MS - Levon's Bar & Grill (Blues Doctors, 3:30 - 6:30 PM) 

11/7/19:  Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

12/12/19:Taylor, MS - Taylor Grocery (Blues Doctors, 6-9 PM)

3/19/20:  St. Louis, MO - (Blues Doctors, TBA)

3/20/20:  Chicago, IL - (Blues Doctors, TBA)










Satan and Adam

Harlem Blues - Mother Mojo - Living on the River

Sterling Magee - Adam Gussow




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