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"Juke 1.0":  This is the opening 12-bars of Little Walter's classic instrumental, slightly simplified with the help of lip pursing and single notes rather than tongue-blocked octaves.  Perfect for ADVANCED BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE players who want to tangle with the real stuff but aren't yet comfortable with tongue-blocking.

    Harp:  A
    Video: www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/1748399
    Tab: www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/1748398


"Blues With a Feeling":  Essential repertoire for any serious blues harp student.  I've transcribed Little Walter's intrumental intro, breaking it down and putting it back together.  INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE.

    Harp:  D
    Video: www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/2048465-Documents-eBooks-Music-Tutorials
    Tab: www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/2048466-Documents-eBooks-Music-Tutorials


"Eight-Bar Blues Progressions":  For ADVANCED BEGINNERS through ADVANCED INTERMEDIATES.  Although 80-85% of recorded take the 12-bar form, another 5-10% are 8-bar blues.  What most players don't realize is that there are three different kinds of 8-bar blues.  This lesson explains all that, using recorded examples from 14 blues songs by players like Little Walter, Sonny Terry, and Otis Spann.

    Harp:  C, although Adam uses a few others briefly
    Video + tab (zip file): www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/5423849-eight-bar-blues-progressions-zip


"Ending the Blues":  a study guide to the challenging art of ending a 12-bar blues song well.  This lesson consists of ten (10) different two-bar endings, drawn from Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Walter Horton, Nat Riddles, Jason Ricci, and my own recordings.  INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE.

    Harps:  A, B-flat, C, D, F (i.e., I use the same keys used on the original recordings)
    Video:  www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/2562613-Documents-eBooks-Music-Tutorials
    Tab: www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/2562614-Documents-eBooks-Music-Tutorials


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