Blues Harmonica Tabs:
for serious students of all levels



  If you're on the hunt for high quality blues harmonica tabs, you've come to the right place!  You

can find a complete list of my offerings NOW by scrolling halfway down this page.

     But first, a word of warning:  Because of the work that I put into my blues harp tabs, and

because of the precise rhythmic notations that EVERY tab offers you, I don't give my tabs away.  I

charge $2 (and occasionally only $1) per tab.

     So why should you pay me for my tabs, when the alternative--free tabs--is so widely

available?  Great question!

     You can find lots of free tabs on the web, simply by searching the phrases "free harmonica

tabs" and "free harp tabs."  I urge you to make this search, and to check out those tabs!  Here's

one example:  a free harmonica tab for Little Walter's "Juke" on a popular website.  You get what

you pay for.  It offers no bar lines or rhythmic cues; it contains several outright melodic errors.  It

claims to give you the first 12 bars of "Juke," but IT LEAVES OUT BARS 5 THROUGH 8!  (The

opening 2-draw-through-6-blow phrase should be played eight times, not four.)

     You deserve better. 

     Now check out the FREE HARP TAB that I offer for the first chorus of Junior Wells's famous

solo on "Messin' With the Kid."  I don't give away much on this website, but I'm giving away the

first page of this multi-page tab because I want you to judge for yourself.  The miniature version is

on the right side of this page  ⇒

     The full-sized tab and the solo itself (as an mp3) can easily be downloaded from the following

two links:  



      Please compare my tab with the original recording and with any other tab of this passage, if

you can find one.  "Messin' With the Kid" is an advanced tab for advanced players, but that's my

point:  I treat you like the serious player that you WANT to be and I KNOW you can be. 

     And rest assured:  I offer a range of easier tabs for developing players.  I sort all my tabs into

four skill-levels:  beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced intermediate.

Whoever you are as a player, I've got something that will expand your mind, challenge your

current technical abilities, and raise your game in noticeable ways.  (If you'd like to know more

about my approach to tabbing,  please scroll to the bottom of this page and read "a word about

my tabs".)

     My current offerings are listed below.  When you hit the "tab link" for a given tab, you'll be

taken to a page at Tradebit, a filehosting website where I store all my products.  There you'll learn

more about the song and, if you'd like, you can hear a preview of the video lesson that

accompanies the tab.  (The videos cost $5; many people purchase both the tab and the video. 

But you're free to  purchase the tab alone, a la carte, and lots of people prefer to do that.  It's

entirely up to you.)


   ⇒  If you'd like to know who I am, BTW, just hit THIS LINK and you'll be taken to my bio page.

  I'm an internationally-known blues harmonica performer and instructor.  Half a dozen of

my albums--listed as "Adam Gussow" and "Satan & Adam"--are currently available on

iTunes.  I've been creating original blues harmonica tabs for more than  25 years.  Few

tab-creators can match these qualifications. 


    If you'd like a complete list of my tabs AND instructional videos, organized as a searchable,

hyperlinked Excel spreadsheet that grades the tabs by skill level and tells you what harp key to

play each song in, you can download that by hitting this link: 



Adam's PowerHarp Groove Adam Gussow
Adam's Warmup Exercises Adam Gussow
Baby Please Don't Leave Me Adam Gussow
Bending the 2 Draw Adam Gussow
Bending the 3 Draw Adam Gussow
Bending the 4 Draw Adam Gussow
Bittersweet Boogie Adam Gussow
Blue Monk Thelonious Monk
Blues Scale Adam Gussow
Blues With a Feeling Little Walter
Born in Chicago Paul Butterfield
Caledonia Muddy Waters
Checkin' Up on My Baby Junior Wells
Chicken Shack Jimmy Smith
Cissy Strut The Meters
Country Scale Adam Gussow
Crazy About My Baby Snooky Pryor
Crossroads Blues Cream, Robert Johnson
Down Home Adam Gussow
Easy Big Walter Horton
Ending the Blues Adam Gussow
Fever Peggy Lee
Floyd's Hotel J. Geils Band
Goin’ Down South R. L. Burnside
Going Back South Adam Gussow
Good Morning Little School Girl John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
Got My Mojo Working Little Walter / Kim Wilson
Grooving Shuffle Adam Gussow
Have a Good Time Big Walter Horton
Help Me Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller)
How Long Can a Fool Go Wrong James Cotton
I Got Love If You Want It Slim Harpo
In the Mood Glen Miller Band
John Lee Hooker's Boogie Blues John Lee Hooker
John Lee Williamson's Blues John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
Juke 1.0 Little Walter
Let the Good Times Roll Muddy Waters
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Joe Zawinul / Cannonball Adderly
Messin’ With the Kid Junior Wells
Mojo 1.0 Little Walter
Next Time You See Me Junior Parker
Night Train King Curtis
Oh Susanna traditional
Pack Fair and Square J. Geils Band
Put on Your Red Dress traditional
Rock Around the Clock Bill Haley and the Comets
Same Old Blues Adam Gussow
Shuffle Blues Rhythm Adam Gussow
Shuffling It Up Adam Gussow
Sonny Boy's Blues Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller)
Sonny Terry's 'Key to the Highway Sonny Terry
St. Louis Blues W. C. Handy
St. Thomas Sonny Rollins
Stompin Adam Gussow
Sugar Ditch Hank Crawford
Sunday Driver Adam Gussow
Sunshine of Your Love Cream
Swinging Happy Birthday traditional
Tenor Madness Sonny Rollins
Tequila The Champs
Turnarounds Adam Gussow
Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock
Way Down in the Delta Adam Gussow
What'd I Say Ray Charles
When the Saints Go Marching In traditional
Whistlin' the Blues Adam Gussow
Worried About My Baby Howlin' Wolf



A word about my tabs:  Many years ago, when I got my first harmonica teaching gig at the Guitar Study Center in

New York, I purchased a few of the commercially available instruction books.  Most of them used standard harp

tablature--numbered arrows pointing up and down--but none of them indicated, with even minimal precision, the

duration of each note, not to mention the rhythmic emphases (syncopation or "swing") that made for real blues.  A

few of them offered this information in the form of actual musical notation instead of tablature, but like most harp

players, I didn't read music.  So I developed my own form of tablature from the ground up. 

    My tabs give you numbers and arrows to indicate which hole you play and whether it's draw or blow, like

standard harp tabs, but they also give you a precise rhythmic count underneath the arrows.  As you'll see if you

order one of my videos, I'm a stickler about counting time.  If you can't count your way through a tab, you can't play

the song with the precision and intensity it deserves. is NOT about mush-mouth harp. 

No matter what level you are, I believe in treating you like a serious musician.  Counting time accurately is part of

what it means to be a musician.  My tabs are specifically designed to ground you in rhythmic fundamentals.  Most

of them are hand-drawn, but please don't confuse this handmade aspect with carelessness, backwardness, or lack

of precision.   I take great pride in my work.  You can find a few other accurate, precision-engineered harp

transcriptions on the web:  Glenn Weiser, David Barrett, Joe Filisko, Winslow Yerxa, and Wayne Snyder all do masterful work.

But I believe that my tabs offer a combination of accuracy, accessibility, and an attention to syncopation that makes them unique.


Before you go, here's a music video featuring my version of "Crossroads Blues."  The tab and video lesson are available above:




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