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Adam's academic homepage at the University of Mississippi:

Adam's YouTube harp lessons:

What the bloggers are saying:



A leading blues harp site on the web for more than fifteen years--and for good reason:

World of Harmonica is a great website:  a compendium of photos and videos about an unusually wide range of traditional and contemporary players


If you're into jamming, you can hardly do better than Harmonica Boogie; it's a real, vital community of players who come up with new backing tracks and compete--in a friendly way!--to see who can post the best solos

Howard Levy is the presiding genius on the diatonic harmonica, the guy who used overblows to explode our idea of what is possible.  Rarely does one individual musician have this sort of effect on an instrument; shock waves from his accomplishment will continue to be felt for decades.  His album HARMONICA JAZZ nailed me to the wall back in 1987, with its fully-chromatic version of "Donna Lee" in bebop time, but he's kept on growing, expanding, and shows no signs of resting on his laurels.

P.T. Gazell is a harp player's harp player who plays country, swing, and pop instrumentals with full chromaticity on a valved diatonic harp.  Check his stuff out!

Billy Gibson, Mississippi-born, is THE harp player on Memphis's renowned Beale Street these days, and he's got the voice, the chops, and the band to back it up:

When an American harp player travels through Europe, the one name he hears repeatedly is "Steve Baker."  Beautiful tone, original approach; he's a master teacher AND he's got a harmonica named after him, the Steve Baker Special.  For the English-language version, hit the Union Jack icon:

David Barrett and his "school of the blues" put Jack Black's School of Rock to shame.  If you've got money in the bank, check out his fly-in lessons:

Dave Gage is a harp-industrial phenom.  Lotsa hot links:

Brian Purdy's "HarpGear" amps are simply the best; they're hand-built by a player FOR players, with classic circuit design and superb craftsmanship:

Mark Hummel is not only one of the best contemporary players, but his "Blues Harmonica Blowout" series regularly brings together a Who's Who of his peers.  Great stuff:

Bob Corritore (a Chicago player long settled in Phoenix) isn't just an excellent traditional harp blower--one of the very best accompanists in the business, in fact--but his website is a model for how harmonica players should do business.  Start with his links page:

Harp-L is the THE internet discussion list for all things harmonica.  Ask any question and you'll get a half-dozen (or three dozen) well-informed opinions:

Orjan Hansson's website:  an incredible set of links from a Swedish player/fan:

SPAH (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) is THE organization for all things harmonica.  Their annual conventions are the stuff of legend; pretty much everybody shows up and throws down at the evening concerts and jam sessions:

Glenn Weiser's blues harp page:  lots of great stuff, including a whopping set of links and the definitive set of Little Walter transcriptions:

Ron Davidoff's "Blues Harp Nation" website has some great features, including hyperlinks for the upcoming gigs of dozens of contemporary players on a page called "tour dates."  See live harp!

J.P. Allen has a load of useful materials for beginners and beyond on his extremely popular website with the easy-to-remember name:

I first encountered Annie Raines, harp master, in 1989 at the Chicago Blues Festival, where she was sitting in with some local guys under the trees behind the stages in Grant Park.  She was great then and she's masterful now.  Check out her blog on Road Food:

Jan Van Gastel's website has good info on repairing harps, plus a survey of various harp "courses" or instructional methods:

If you're looking for a neat little harp mic--an alternative to the big, bulky Astatic and Green Bullet--you'll definitely want to take a look at the Bottle o' Blues mic:

Here's an extremely informative site on the subject of amping the harp:

Rod Jones is a painter and harp player (R&B Jones) from the UK who offers, among other things, insightful commentary on harmonica teachers.  Spend a little time at his quirky, one-of-a-kind site:

 This harp blog has an amazing number of international sites, plus a great open attitude:




Justin Sandercoe is a blues/jazz guitar-god over at YouTube; his philosophy of teaching--give all you've got, and then some--is one I heartily endorse:

Here's a site that will help you learn guitar.  Maybe you can accompany your own harp playing: 


....and harmonicas, of course!  Click the icon; it's the model I've been playing for more than 30 years:

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