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FAQ's (continued)
basic blues harmonica questions answered!


Beginning blues harmonica players have lots of questions!  In an effort to answer them, I've created a series of quick, informative videos.  Each video addresses one basic question.  How should I hold the harmonica?  What is bending?  What is lip pursing?  What is the blues scale?

You can quickly access the entire set of videos at my YouTube channel.  The playlist is called "Basic blues harmonica questions answered!"  Or you can scroll through the questions below.  Each question takes you directly to a blues harp video.  Either way, you'll learn something new about how to play the harmonica.


What harmonica should a beginner use--and NOT use?

Why don't harmonica players get any respect?

How should I hold my harmonica?

What is lip pursing?

What is bending?

What is wailing?

What should a beginning harmonica player NOT do?

What is warbling?

What is the blues scale?

What is vibrato?

Why do I need more than one harmonica?

What is tonguing?

What is bad harmonica playing?

What can I do with the high notes?

How should a blues harmonica player dress?

What is syncopation?

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