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I have published a total of six books over the years:  a memoir, three monographs, a collection of essays, and a novel.  All six are blues books, in one fashion or another.  Most have won, or been nominated for, an award or two.  All but one are still in print.  Here they are, in reverse order of publication, from most recent (2020) to most ancient (1998):


Whose Blues?  Facing Up to Race and the Future of the Music (U. of North Carolina Press, 2020)

Beyond the Crossroads:  The Devil and the Blues Tradition (U. of North Carolina Press, 2017)

Busker's Holiday (Modern Blues Harmonica, 2015)

Journeyman's Road:  Modern Blues Lives from Faulkner's Mississippi to Post-9/11 New York (U. of Tennessee Press, 2007)

Seems Like Murder Here:  Southern Violence and the Blues Tradition (U. of Chicago Press, 2002)

Mister Satan's Apprentice:  A Blues Memoir (Pantheon, 1998; republished by U. of Minnesota Press, 2009.  An audiobook, narrated by the author, is also available).

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