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I've just published a first novel entitled Busker's Holiday.  It's the story of a 20-something grad student, McKay Chernoff, abandoned by his longtime girlfriend, who decides to head off to Europe for the summer and save his life by becoming a busker.  It's full of blues harmonica playing, carousing, madness, alcohol, sex, and--hopefully!--life wisdom.  Kirkus Reviews, the gold standard of the publishing world, called it "endlessly entertaining."  Please click the cover icon and check it out:


My first book, Mister Satan's Apprentice:  A Blues Memoir (1998), has been reissued in a new edition (November 2009) by the University of Minnesota Press.  Hit the icon below and you'll be taken to the page at where you can buy the book at a discount.  (Mister Satan's Apprentice is also available from and  You can also order directly from the publisher: 





If you'd like an unabridged audiobook version of Mister Satan's Apprentice, narrated by author, you can get that from Audible.


Here's a video-book preview of Mister Satan's Apprentice:



Seems Like Murder Here:  Southern Violence and the Blues Tradition (Chicago, 2002)



Journeyman's Road:  Modern Blues Lives From Faulkner's Mississippi to Post-9/11 New York (Tennessee, 2007):


Here's a 58-minute video, filmed in August 2011 at the Hudson Valley Writer's Center, in which I read the first chapter of Mister Satan's Apprentice and then play some one-man band music:

Hudson Valley Writers' Center "Blues in Word & Song" from Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown Channel on Vimeo.







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