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The Rules:
guidelines for the MBH forum


            §REGISTRATION.  You must be a registered member in good standing in order to post here.  Register by clicking the bright blue hyperlink at the upper right of the forum homepage (next to “login”) and filling in the blanks.  Please register only once.  You will get an automated response saying your application has been accepted, but since we hand approve each application to fight spam, you won't be able to log in right away.  You will receive a second email telling you that you have been approved within 24-48 hours.  If you don't hear from us after that, or if you have any other registration-based concerns, please contact the administrators (not Adam) at the following address:       membership@modernbluesharmonica.comNOTE:  If you register multiple times, you will delay and/or potentially void your ability to become a member of this forum.

            §TOPICS.  Members may freely exchange thoughts, tips, and useful insights about any and all topics related to blues harmonica--including the harmonica and the blues more generally.  The occasional off-topic thread is OK, and should be marked "OT," but please be sparing in this regard. 

            §GEAR FOR SALE.  Members with harmonicas, mics, amps, and other blues harmonica related gear to sell should share that information in the dedicated “for sale” thread, and/or on the “for sale or trade” forum.

            §COMMERCIAL USE.  It is against the interests of this forum to become a place where every thread is driven by some mercenary or commercial interest—the promotion of specific new harp-amp models, for example, in which forum members have a financial stake.  By the same token, we recognize that one source of this forum’s dynamism is the way in which it has become a clearing house for up-to-date information in the blues harmonica world, as well as place in which we cheer each other’s successes, let people know about upcoming gigs and tours, and talk about the gear we like and use.  Members who have news of this sort are encouraged to share it here—with an important proviso:  Please do not start multiple threads about specific products, product lines, or services that you sell, commercially endorse, or otherwise have some clear financial interest in.  That will be considered “commercial use,” rather than proper (and occasional) sharing of relevant news, and will be frowned on by the moderators.  When in doubt whether a thread you’d like to start violates this particular rule, please contact Adam:  asgussow@aol.com     

            §BEGINNERS.  Beginners are welcome.  Please be helpful to them, and do not condescend.  This forum values the wisdom of old-timers and newbies alike.

            §CIVILITY.  Civility is the governing virtue of this forum.  Please contribute in a spirit of civility.  Vigorous, passionate conversation is fine.  Disagree emphatically, if you wish, with the opinions others express here.  But do not flame, insult, or otherwise impugn the looks, parentage, intelligence, or talents of your fellow board members, and do not start threads that seek to encourage that sort of behavior.  You are not required to like everybody here.  But you are required to remain civil towards them if you wish to remain a member of this forum.   

            §VIDEOS.  Members are free to post relevant videos here, including videos of their own performances.  If you post a video of yourself and ask people what they think, please be prepared to listen to the answers.  The answers may be frank--and will sometimes be disappointing--but must remain civil.  "You truly suck" is not a civil answer.  "Doesn't do anything for me" is a civil answer. 

            §RELIGION.  Religion is one topic where we have, unfortunately, proven our inability to remain civil or respect each other's differences.  Accordingly, threads containing the word "religion" or variants on that word, and/or threads devoted explicitly to discussions of religion are banned.  (Note:  discussions of the devil, as long as they are clearly oriented in a blues direction (i.e., “the devil’s music,” the crossroads, etc.) are permitted.

            §OTHER BAD STUFF.  Although conversation about blues harmonica and related issues should be free and spirited, this forum isn't a men's locker room.  Casual (or intentional) ethnic or racial slurs, anti-gay rants, sexist/misogynist language, insults specifically targeting a given nation or nation’s citizens, and/or pointed and sustained use of four-letter words--including any such language directed at another forum member--are strictly prohibited. 

            §WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BREAK THE RULES.  This forum has a one-warning rule :  when it comes to the attention of the moderators that you have violated any of the underlined prohibitions above, you will be given one warning and asked, civilly but firmly, to cool it.  A second violation will result in suspension or banishment from the forum.  The moderators and majordomo (Adam) will be the final arbiters of such violations.