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Robert or Tommy at the crossroads
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Sep 07, 2013
7:40 PM
Was it Robert Johnson or Tommy Johnson who supposedly went to the crossroads?

The popular legend attributes this to Robert Johnson, but several sources indicate that is was originally attributed to Tommy Johnson and then re-attributed to Robert Johnson. The syllabus (SST598.s11.syllabus.pdf) for the the class indicated Robert Johnson. (Wikipedia is not clear on this, other sources vary).

I guess you could say that it's attributed to both (since it is a legend, why not?). But is there a canonical academic answer? A canonical musician's answer?

I've not gone through the course materials, just some of the youtube videos, which are great!
Frans Belgium
2 posts
Sep 28, 2013
4:10 AM
Neither of them ? ;-)
And what crossroads?
Those in Clarksdale, where the'gee-tars'cross or those in Rosedale, according to Cream?
It's a legend, and not even that. Wasn't it the grandson of Robert Johnson that said that he didn't sell his soul to the devil, but made a pact with God?
The week before, I stood at one of the supposed graves of Robert Johnson, one out of three, that is.
They all make great stories, though...;-)

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