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User: nacoran
Name: Nathan Smith

If you need to reach me about something and it's more general site stuff email us membership at modernbluesharmonica dot com. It will forward to me, but it will also be in the site email folder so if I can't get to it one of the other admins can (it also is easier for us to keep everything in one place that way). If it doesn't have anything to do with the site you can email me at my personal email. It all ends up there eventually anyway. For questions only Adam can answer, email him directly (his info is on the contact page). :)

I'm in a band called Normanskill Saxons, named after the Normanskill creek that runs through our town. Kill is the Dutch word for creek. PETA actually petitioned to have one of the other local creeks renamed. Fishkill is a lovely name if you know Dutch! If you need to contact me by email I'm at hotmail. I'm Nacoran there too. If it's forum related it's better to use the membership email @modernbluesharmonica.com. I'll still get it (anything sent there forwards to my regular email) but other admins can see it too, so if I'm on vacation or if we need to look it up later we all have access. Facebook Normanskill Saxons Mozart's Other Brother Darryl