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Dec 06, 2017
4:12 PM
When I was in the US Navy working in "the hole" a ship mate gave me a harmonica. I didn't have a clue other then blowing in and sucking out to make noise. That was 44 yrs. ago. I have picked up and put down the harmonica through the years and have somewhat self taught myself the basics of what to do. I have purchased many Hohner harmonicas (5 or 6) over time. But the one I have become fond of is an old harmonica I kept in my truck. When the urge came over me, I would pick it up and play. I knew it was a Special 20, but didn't know it was a Low E Harp. Out of the Blues Harps, Marine Band, and Blue Midnight I own, the Special 20 is the best. I can sit alone undistracted and get my head into the heart of this harp. From note to note, I can play single and multiple notes, and bend them like I'm gonna break them. Bottom line, I love it, and just ordered 3 more Special 20s A-C-G. Just venting...Thanks
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Apr 29, 2018
2:02 PM
re:slow.hand's Special 20.
The 42 happens to be the year I was incarnated. Didn't start playing harp till 2003 and my oldest harp is a Special 20 in A. It's also my car carry & has only been taken down a few times to clean. I've Seydels, MBs, a Blues Harp, 2 Big Rivers and 1 Lee Oscar but the '20 is a tank & a comfort.
US Army 82nd Abn
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Nov 10, 2021
7:50 AM
Is this harmonica good for beginners?

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