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May 02, 2018
6:10 AM
I just started playing.
I bought a cheap C harp and was playing 2 octave Major scales ascending and descending, in broken 3rds just to practice. I showed a relative, and he handed me a Marine Band Full Concert, still in the original box from a dresser drawer. I learned how to play just the upper reed plate and use the octave plate to beef up chords. Draw bending came quickly, with a decent harp. And now I feel confident playing cross harp in holes 1-7.

I'm planning on applying the Powerbender tuning to that leaky C harp I bought because I love my Full Concert to much to mess with it... Plus it's a wood comb with nails so.....

Also.... I'm in the middle of reviving a Hohner 64. I've got a powercomb for it that I installed brass threated inserts into so I could use machine screws to mount the slide/mouthpiece. I hope to apply a custom tuning where the slide raises the note a whole step and changing breath a half step. No enharmonics. 4 octave range.

I got a few crazy ideas for future harp builds. I think it would be cool to build an instrument that played 2 reeds at a time in 3rds. No slide. Breath alternating Maj and min.... Like a simple chord harmonica. An interval harp... I guess.

Anyways... Just wanted to say hi.. And hopefully spark up a conversation...

Been lurking the site for a while. A lot of good info here...
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Jun 01, 2018
11:35 AM
N.world, this is the sub-forum for talk about blues history. You'll get more responses on the main forum.



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