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Thread-Thread Thread
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Jun 20, 2010
11:36 AM
We have tons of information all over the forum but there isn't a good way for you guys to help keep it organized.

So here are some quick ideas for some Thread-Thread topics...

Harmonica Directory
Harmonica Directory

Adam's Lessons

Welcome to the Forum- Links like Adam's count off and introduce yourself thread and Where's Waldo, the forum how to and maybe a link to who's behind some of the nick names out there.

Bluemoose's Web Brain

Electronics- Amps, Microphones, Pedals, oh my!

How-To Play- Threads with great technique tips.

How-To Tweak- Threads with great tips for mods to harps and gear.

Performance Videos
Stuff for Sale- I'll link the older 'For Sale' threads here.


Reed Replacement Parts Thread



MB Screws

A Good Thread About Harp Racks-


Bee, Bushman, Bends, Harrison, Hering, Hohner, Johnson, Lee Oskar, Merano, Seydel, Suzuki, Tombo.

Uncategorized Music/Harmonica Related Links-

Overblows: (Thread has links to even more overblowing threads)
Overblow Threads

Harp Tunings

Apps and Software

More Apps and Software

Even More Apps and Software

Useful Links Link

Promotional Harps-

Promotional Harps (Also wood veneers that might look nice on harp cases)
Promotional Harps

Here's how (I hope) it will work. I'll create a thread for each of these topics and come back and edit my post to link to each topic. That way you only have to

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2221 posts
Jun 20, 2010
12:18 PM
Meat & Potatoes

Joe's Sheet Music Lessons

Busker's Corner

Official Beginners Thread

Here's how (I hope) it will work. I'll create a thread for each of these topics and come back and edit my post to link to each topic. That way you only have to find this thread to find all the Thread-Thread topics. Then you guys, when you see or think of a great thread, put a link to it on the appropriate thread. You don't have to post every thread, just the great ones!

Coming soon- Links to different types of harps (Bansons, Overdrives, Turboslides, Xb-40s, Discrete Combs, Slideless Chromatics, etc.

I'm creating a thread to post links to other threads. Know a great BLANK related thread? Link it here!

Thread Organizer (A list of all sorts of useful threads)

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Greg Heumann
565 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:01 PM
Nate, with all respect, sooner or later these are going to fall off the front page - then they just add more to the confusion. What we need are lockable threads (so they're locked in position at the top of the list) and a search function that really works. All of these are functions of some of the better forum software products out there. I have lots of thoughts about this and happy to discuss them with you privately If we DO transition to a different software product one thing I hope we can avoid is 25 different sub-forums. 2 or 3 at most.

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1090 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:09 PM
Couldn't we just add a static link to this page onto the forum homepage? There's one for the forum 'how to'. Under the forum creed.
2223 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:36 PM
MrVLUN, I can ask GH about that. Greg, the idea is, all this stuff drops off the front page eventually. I don't have anything to do with the forum software. There doesn't seem to be a way to lock a thread at the top. I bookmarked this thread, and I'm hoping by making it a sort of disambigution (sp?) page we can keep access to more pages. The problem with the forum archive is only people with higher level software permission can update it. Hopefully by doing this as a thread it will encourage more people to link useful threads here. I check in every day, so once these articles clear the front page they won't be any more clutter than we already have. When I do maintenance on the threads I'll move the information into the original post and delete redundant posts, which will move them back off the front page. It should keep the clutter to a minimum, but give people another way to find stuff when they are looking, but I'll try to keep this one up near the top. I gave it a weird name so it would be easier to search for. Necessity is the mother of invention. Nobodies sure who the father is.

Adam, if you happen to read this, I had a thought... Some people have a hard time finding the forum how-to page, even although it's right on the top of the forum. I think maybe it's because it's a long list URL instead of a short simple link like "Forum How-To". The next time you are doing forum maintenance, maybe you could shorten the link?

edit: I'm thinking of it more as a way to help with archiving than a way to subdivide the forum.


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217 posts
Jun 21, 2010
6:12 AM
I think MrV's idea is as good as his name is very long.

/Couldn't we just add a static link to this page onto the forum homepage? There's one for the forum 'how to'. Under the forum creed./


Perhaps there's merit in having a "community" section on the site? Permalinked in the main nav, basically:

best of forum > these kind of threads > moderators > "community?"

Under community a sub-nav menu with headings similar to your thread-threads?

A thought?


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2231 posts
Jun 21, 2010
1:47 PM
I'll look into it. Both GH and Adam know more about how things are organized than me. We'll probably have a way figured out in the next couple days. In the meantime, if you remember an epic thread, feel free to link it to one of the categories. If you don't know which category it belongs in, link it here. We may well need a couple other catch all topics. Thanks guys, for the feedback!

Miles Dewar
503 posts
Nov 24, 2010
8:01 AM
Do NOT Forget to post your Busking or Street Playing videos here:

"Busker's Corner"

Busker's Corner

I'm not sure why the link I posted only highlighted the numbered portion of text. Just copy and paste into browser...... Unless someone knows why it does that.

/--- Done. GH ---/

Busk away!

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3291 posts
Nov 24, 2010
9:02 AM
Lol. GH, I was just getting set to fix it! Even had the HTML in my clipboard!


(useful piano app)

Here is a link to the new 'Things people have for sale' thread.


Thread Organizer

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