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Oct 25, 2008
7:43 AM


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Miles Dewar
34 posts
Oct 26, 2008
9:20 PM
how much for the digital delay?

---Be Positive---
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Oct 28, 2008
11:23 AM
How much for mic & amp please

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Oct 28, 2008
12:40 PM
I am looking £500 for the amp, it cost me over £600 (including p&p, handling charges and import duty) but that was when exchange rates were better so it would work out more than that now.

I am looking a fair price for the amp as it is as new, only used for a few mins in the house.

I am looking £90 for he mic, it is new aswell.

Cheers, Ryan
Miles Dewar
44 posts
Nov 01, 2008
11:41 AM
Holy Crap! lol i will keep dreamin. lol

Hey oldwailer, dont you live in Wisconsin?
---Be Positive---

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Nov 01, 2008
6:19 PM
Well, no--I live in Northern Washington--Lately I've been thinking about moving to Memphis though--I wanna get lessons from Superchucker!

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98 posts
Nov 01, 2008
6:45 PM
Miles Dewar
48 posts
Nov 02, 2008
7:23 PM
LOL, You dont need to move to Tennesee, Just get good at Closing and "Introduce" a YouTube lesson idea to Brandon. LOL......
---Be Positive---
Nov 18, 2008
6:27 AM
Please Adam, if you can make this threat sticky on the top of the page ,so people skip arguing about advertising.
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Nov 18, 2008
10:29 AM
From the time this forum started up, it has operated smoothly. So why is it just in the past week or so that some of you (AND APPARENTLY ME TOO) have started to argue about selling, or advertising, or whatever, this or that? Keep pissing and moaning and Adam might pull the plug on the whole deal. Wouldn't that be just great? If somebody posts something you don't like, then ignore it and move forward. Who do you complain to when the US Mail delivers all that crap to your home? Can't we all just get along? I don't see what the problem is when one member tells another about a good deal they found. NOTE, I SAID MEMBER-NOT DEALER. I'd rather pay less than more--YOU? Besides, Adam has been pretty quick to delete the stuff he TOLD YOU NOT TO POST IN THE FIRST PLACE. So EVERYBODY, take a deep breath and slow down with all the B.S. Feel free to bash me if you like. I thrive on it.
Love and Kisses,

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144 posts
Nov 18, 2008
11:07 AM
well said, jackson.

instead of arguing, why dont we put our energy into something more constructive? saaaaay- practicing and playing harp. lol (it relieves tension, you know.)
Miles Dewar
68 posts
Nov 18, 2008
12:10 PM
Who's arguing about advertising?
---Be Positive---
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Nov 29, 2008
10:49 AM

I have a couple of mics for sale if anyone is interested. The first is a Shaker Retro Rocket in excellent cosmetic and working condition. The other mic is a metal voice of music mic with a ceramic crystal element. This mic has been modified with a quarter inch jack to allow the use of a 1/4 inch guitar cable. I'm looking to get $70 for the retro rocket and $50 for the VOM (plus actual shipping from 12125) I would also trade both mics for an Electro Harmonix micro pog in good working condition.
Luke juke
Dec 01, 2008
3:57 AM
Hi sonvolt. I'm interested in a mic if you dont mind shipping to the uk. My email address is lukejones33@hotmail.com
Luke juke
Dec 01, 2008
9:43 AM
Hi scott, Its the vom that i'm interested in. My computers down at the moment. I can check emails on my phone but cant send them so have to send emails from work. If you find out the shipping for me. Can i say you by pay pal? Luke
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Dec 27, 2008
2:25 PM
I have a ‘59 Premier Twin-8 amp that I’d like to sell to help purchase (drum roll, please) duh, another amp.
Isn’t that the way it goes for a while? Anyway, it’s all original except for the two fairly fresh Weber Alnico Sig-8s that I installed when the original speakers froze. I have both those speakers by the way and will ship them with this amp if you decide to purchase it. I have a video of me hacking it up (blowing harp) on this amp that may help you get an idea of what it sounds like. I‘ll put a link to it at the end of this post. This is a really nice amp, it is plenty loud for most people, it has some flaws (the tremolo is weak and the handle is broken) but my band demands that I play something a bit bigger. Mostly because we have no friggin’ discipline when it comes to volume. But, hey. I like bleeding eardrums too so ...
This is a pretty rare animal and I'm starting it at a reasonable price and will ship for actual shipping costs. Contiguous 48 U.S. only please. Feel free to contact me at 205 533-1380 if you have any questions about it.

Here is the link to it on YouTube:
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Apr 21, 2009
12:39 PM
Hello All,

I have a couple of items for sale if anyone is interested. The first is a harp commander jr. in excellent condition. It includes an effects loop mod that allows you to use a delay pedal (or any other pedal) with the unit. I'm looking to get $225 for it. The second item is an Astatic Brown Biscuit mic that sounds excellent and is cosmetically very good. I don't have sound samples but could play it for you over the phone if you want to hear it. Looking to get $150 for the mic.
137 posts
Apr 21, 2009
5:36 PM
ill most likely buy the mic. i just need a week or two cause some one is buying some stuff i got.
Greg Heumann
2 posts
Apr 21, 2009
10:10 PM
Am I a corporate retailer? Hmm. I'm not incorporated and I'm a company of one. I am a semi-pro harp player and I make products for harmonica players only. I'm new to this board, and I don't want to rile any anti-advertising feathers, so this isn't an advertisement. Just a note to let y'all know I'm here, happy to take questions, etc - and invite you all to visit my website - http://www.blowsmeaway.com - to see what kinds of products and services I offer.


19 posts
Apr 22, 2009
7:56 AM
Greg is in my mind not a retailer. I have communicated with Greg a few times over the past couple of years. Some of the times to ask for his help with a problem I was having in my own microphone modifications. Greg has always been willing to offer his advice and knowledge free of charge. To me that takes him out of the retailer mode. I have had responses from other mic builders when asking for help that what they knew was a "trade" secret, and that if I knew what they knew, then I would steal thier buisiness. If all else fails and I can't do it myself, I know that Greg can do it for me at a fair price. If you check out his work, you will see that what he produces is art.

I would say this even if Greg were not my son!!
140 posts
Apr 22, 2009
10:03 AM
plus his mics are nice anyway. iv come across his site before.
13 posts
Apr 22, 2009
10:09 AM
Contact me at olearytoo@aol.com if you have questions about the mic.

16 posts
Apr 23, 2009
9:24 AM
I have a hohner super 64 that is inlike new condition. My wife bought it for me and I just don't like it! I play the hohner 260 and am very happy with that!! I have only tried it a couple times. I did test all the holes and It is in perfect working order.
$150 and I'll pay for shipping in the US.
kevin baker
283 posts
Jul 26, 2009
1:36 AM
Unfortunately I need to thin out my collection of harp mics. Due to having just lost my job and being unemployed again! :(

Here's the details of the mics I have for sale. I will provide sound clips of the mics via email on request.

There are some pictures of them here: http://gallery.me.com/kingley#100119

I have 2 JT30's with NOS CM elements, both have volume controls and screw on connectors.
They also have gaskets from HarpMicGaskets fitted. Both have very powerful elements with monster tone.
Both mics are in excellent condition.

I also have a Shure 545S (the Butterfield Mic) with four pin lead.
This is a real monster toned mic, it's has huge bottom end, it also has an on / off switch.

I also have an Astatic Brown Biscuit with NOS CM element.
It has a screw on connector and is really easy to cup. Again this has monster tone.

I am looking for £100GBP + Shipping for each mic. I accept Paypal.

Please email me with any questions: kingley@mac.com

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663 posts
Jul 26, 2009
7:00 AM
chromaticblues you still have that super64? i sent you an email.
18 posts
Sep 02, 2009
10:59 AM
SJ 410 for sale (UK)

I am putting my Sonny Jr 410 amplifier up for sale. Less than two years old, in absolutely pristine condition as supplied to me with padded cover and manual. I am based in Leeds and buyer would need to arrange a weekend collection. This amp has never let me down and I'm sure the people on this forum are well aware of the SJ's reputation.
Price is £1,000 or nearest offer. Potential buyers are welcome to come by and view/try out the amp.

Please contact me off-list if interested:


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76 posts
Sep 10, 2009
12:44 PM
I'm selling a 1957 'Shure Commando' mic in the box with spec sheet and stand adapter for $150.
It sounds great!
Actually ,it sounds similar to an Astatic T-3
I'm thinning out collection with two sons in college.

Email me for photos etc at darknbrood@aol.com


Mark Hayden

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46 posts
Sep 10, 2009
2:04 PM
Somehow, my amps keep reproducing! Actually, I know how but my wife is still buying the "amp fairy" story.

Anyway I'm selling a couple that may be of interest to you guys.

First my Epiphone Valve Junior. I upgraded the speaker (unsure of what the new one is. I just tried a few at an amp repair shop and this was the best.)
$125 plus actual shipping takes it home.

Second, my Fender Blues Junior. I never liked it for harp. Love it for guitar. I understand there are are mods which can make it good for harp if anyone wants to go that route. $325 plus actual shipping.
191 posts
Sep 20, 2009
8:52 AM
Ok the Fatman is having a sale Come on Down!!!! Raising $$$ for my next expenditure and I'm giving y'all first crack at this stuff.

1) Early 90's Green Bullet with Mexican Element very poor signal I think I fried the element partly putting in the volume control and screw on adapter but it is wired correctly and has no cord in the way. crappy paint job but it's perfect starter for someone that can buy a good Shure American element. Ryan is currently using it and if he wants it he gets first crack at it $60

2) Shure Silver Bullet CR20SL it has one of those Med Z American Elements but the person I bought it from put the transformer in it and it's a great sounding mic. Switchcraft screw on connection This was my stage amp for awhile and has worked perfectly. I have my other Shure CM mic in the small brown shell that I'm using on stage and the American D4 for a less compressed cleaner sound so this is available. original finishes there is small amount of pitting on the one side of the grill cover and a few scratches but a great mic. $135

3) Bogen Challenger CHA 33 Power Amp. Point to Point wiring. Had the power tubes and sockets changed over to 6V6 Re-capped (no death caps)Grounded Plug, 1/4" Jack Mic/Guitar inputs 1/4" speaker output with multiple Ohm Lugs. This amp still has enough gain to play guitar with. For Harp amp I would suggest a Feedback suppressor of some sort. Cleaner sound unless driven I use it with a 12" Epi Cab w/ Em Lady Luck which is NOT for sale. Mods were professionally done, not by me. $245

4) Epiphone Valve Special Not a bad Harp amp, no mods. This was one of the original of the Epi Valve series amps and the digital effects suck for harp I never used them. Jensen 10" speaker. Someone can mod this amp if they wish to make it a better Harp amp or play it as is if you want an amp to practice both guitar and harp. I also used it as a Keyboard amp. It's usage has been mostly that Home practice amp. few small dings on tolex cover not bad tho' $110

5) Roland Juno D Keyboard only about 2-3 years old in perfect working order never been abused comes with stand, volume pedal. Really nice organ tones The Piano sounds are good but sound level is slightly lower for some reason. Not being a Keyboard guy I didn't play around with settings too much. Sells new for over $800 I'm asking $325

All Items are F.O.B. Baltimore MD which means you either come visit Bluzdude to pick up or you pay the Freight. I ran a very busy Warehouse in another life and I know how to pack items so they will not be damaged. I will ship UPS Ground from my workplace unless you can make other arrangements. Pictures of anything can be done email me at Bluzdude46@aol.com for any other info. I know you've all seen items on sale listed as coming from a smoke free home, this ain't that place...Jus' sayin'
94 posts
Sep 20, 2009
9:08 AM
Hi i am selling a electrovoice EV634 in really good condition + a custom volume controll. I am based in Sweden so i cpould ship to Europe for a fair price-cm16600@gmail.com.

380 posts
Oct 03, 2009
7:45 PM
Hi All, Nasty Old Dog (the man who brought you the DIY telephone harp mic vid) has asked me to post up a link to some items he is selling over on e-bay.

First up is a very reasonably priced DIY mic kit. From what I understand these are surplus mic parts he had on hand and figured he'd offer them up (starting bid AU$50). GO TO EBAY LISTING

Next up is a cool looking little plastic number he cals the SK9 Little Honker mic (buy it now for AU$60):

International shipping may be hefty for folks in the states, but these items may interest those list members from the Southern Hemisphere...


Super Awesome!
The magnificent YouTube channel of the internet user known as "isaacullah"
5 posts
Oct 05, 2009
8:19 AM
I am selling 12-13 different vintage harmonicas, for 125$
Here's the ebay page:

If interested, email me tolga7t@gmail.com or just bid on the auction

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113 posts
Nov 06, 2009
5:53 PM
Hello all,

I am searching for this book: Robert Johnson- At the crossroads. Artist transcriptions. Author: Scott Ainslie (hal leonard 1992) I know there are others but I want this one. I allready called the wambulance.

Amazon is selling it used for around $87.00 ouch. I am willing to pay $25 for it.


329 posts
Nov 06, 2009
9:52 PM
"Well, no--I live in Northern Washington--Lately I've been thinking about moving to Memphis though--I wanna get lessons from Superchucker!"- Oldwailer

You can't imagine how badly I miss read that.
1283 posts
Nov 07, 2009
1:44 PM
that model 3 is nice.
27 posts
Nov 09, 2009
7:10 PM
It is nice, one of my favorites, works well for harp and guitar. Cleaner than a Champ but still sags nicely when pushed, surprisingly loud too. I need to thin some gear, wouldn't be too upset if this one didn't sell.
18 posts
Nov 17, 2009
12:15 PM
looking for electro voice re 10 mic,also shure 545,515sa.
Randy G. Blues
107 posts
Nov 28, 2009
3:28 PM
The Genz Benz Black Pearl BP30-112 amp is SOLD..

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28 posts
Dec 21, 2009
9:54 AM
If anyone in the UK has a BBE Opto Stomp compressor pedal in good working order they would like to exchange for a mint condition BBE Two Timer delay, please contact me off list.

117 posts
Dec 21, 2009
6:51 PM
Thanks Bluzdude 46 for the two Seydel Harmonicas. Great service,Great Instrument. Right on time with delivery. Already using on stage. Thanks again. K.C.
337 posts
Dec 22, 2009
8:56 AM
We aim to please, Sir!
17 posts
Dec 22, 2009
9:59 AM
Hello everyone,

I have 3 items to sell:
-Epiphone Galaxie10 Amplifier (Good as a practice amp or small clubs only & 6L6 tubes, very easy to overdrive and get a real crunchy sound
-Astatic JT-30 Mic with MC151 Crystal Element
-Ultimate 545 from Blowsmeaway.com (Barely used!) (Grill Locked, Hi-Z & Screw-on Connector)

All in excellent working condition, I am just in need of money.

Here's my eBay account:

If you are interested in any, feel free to email me at tolga7t@gmail.com

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1 post
Dec 22, 2009
7:45 PM
amp for sale, bogen 20 2x12 2x6x9 rebuilt new cab and mics am selling off alot of gear lost job have lots of gear. go to harmonica space an click on dirty beeach amps on banner for pictures and utubes thanks just make offer i just may take it
2 posts
Dec 22, 2009
7:56 PM
hey there schaef60 i have a mint like new re 10 contact me at bluesride69@gmail.com well bargain
5 posts
Dec 24, 2009
1:14 PM
Say Everyone ,.

Rharley here from Simply Unique Kustom Mics <>

I have many mics ( Stick & Bullets ) for sale at a price that wont break the Bank,..

Also I can build you a Kustom build using your favorite shell,.drop me a line ,..

Check out My Rharley Original Silver Bullet,.a True Kustom Built Harp Mic,..!!

Check me out on ebay ( Rharley5652 )
Also My site : www.myspace.com/sukmmics

Here are 2 of my Simply Unique Kustom builds:

SUKM // Rharley

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1 post
Dec 25, 2009
8:49 PM
for sale. Weber 10a125o 10" 8ohm alnico with harp dust cap, niceley broken in, no magnet cover. $60 shipped in u.s.
Shure 533sa sphere o dyne high impedance mic, excellent shape, working on off switch $95 shipped, u.s.
shure 515 sa unidyne b, 15 ft. cord $35 shipped u.s.
bbe two timer like new in box $80 shipped u.s. email phoff45@hotmail.com

Last Edited by on Dec 25, 2009 8:51 PM
1495 posts
Dec 25, 2009
9:10 PM
nice first post.
29 posts
Dec 28, 2009
3:03 AM
BBE Two Timer analogue delay pedal in absolutely mint condition for sale. Boxed as new - only used a handful of times at home. £80 plus postage, or collection (UK, west yorks). Email me if interested.

578 posts
Dec 28, 2009
5:27 AM
I have a number of items for sale. I'm based in the UK but will ship to most places in the world.

The items are listed below.

1 Shure Sonodyne 540 Series 2 mic complete with three pin lead - £130GBP

1 Shure 545 and 1 Shure 545S both with 4 pin connector. I only have one four pin lead so I am selling these mics as a pair - £150GBP

1 Astatic Biscuit with Astatic 151 element (about 80-90% strength) - £180GBP

1 Boss DM-2 Analog delay complete with box and instructions almost mint condition - £180GBP

1 Boss OC-2 Octave pedal well used but in perfect working condition - £50GBP

1 BBE Sonic Stomp no box but in perfect condition - £50GBP

If anyone is interested send me an email to kingley@mac.com.

Please note that the prices do not include shipping. if your interested email me and I'll give you a price including shipping.
580 posts
Dec 29, 2009
2:01 AM
I'll wait for a couple more days to see if anyone is interested in these items.

Then I'll put them on ebay if there are no takers. They will all be listed on there as "Buy It Now" at the above prices.

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