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User: isaacullah
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/isaacullah

 I got my first harp in 2004, but only started playing in earnest 2007, which is when I found Adam's YouTube video series. I think at that point he had only uploaded about 15 videos in his original "Blues harmonica secrets revealed!" series... In any case, I've been a member of this forum since just after it started in late 2008 (there were only about 10 pages of "forum archives" at the time!), and have really learned a lot from the fine folks here.

 I play blues, reggae, ska, and indie music, mixing beatboxing and looping. I developed my style on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, where I began to call my one man band thing "One Harp". Although I no longer call PHX home, that street ethos I developed then is still a big part of my music.


Check out my newer music, which I am uploading to my Soundcloud page.

 I also make videos reviewing harp gear, and several videos on DIY electronics for harmonica (mics, fx, amps, etc.), which I upload to my YouTube channel. If you are interested in that kind of stuff, be sure to check that out too! A lot of my music can be found there as well.

I mainly play self-customized Hohner Marine Band's and Special 20's. My arsenal includes richter harps as well as various special tunings, including "Natural Minor" tuning, "Dorian Minor" tuning, "Easy Third" tuning, and a special tuning of my own invention I call "Modern Pentatonic" tuning. I also play Leo Shi "Sequence Scale" Bass harps, Octave harps, and Tremolo harps. I use a Zoom G3 effects pedal for all my effects, a Vox Lil' Looper for all my looping, and a vintage Electro Voice 626 mic (a high impedance cardioid stick mic with a dynamic element). My main "harp amp" is a modified Epiphone Valve Jr., but I typically just plug the G3 into a clean solid state PA. My "street amp" is a Pyp PB-1 solid state battery powered 20 watt amp.

Other instruments I play include Hillcountry and West African style guitar (both are finger-picked, open drone styles of playing), the electric three-string slide cigar-box guitar (home-made, of course!), the Ukulele (I play Kala Makala Ukes), Synthesizers (Korg Volca series), the didjeridoo (yup!), and the melodica.

 If you want to see what I do for my day job, have a look at my academic website.

Visit my Academic Website

*If you want to contact me privately, I'd prefer you to do so through the "Send Message" function on my YouTube channel (it's located just below my profile picture on my channel), but if you don't have a YouTube account, you can contact me via the e-mail address listed on my academic website.