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Welcome to the gear-for-sale subforum of the MBH forum!  In order to post here, you will need to register.  Please follow the registration process described at the top of the regular MBH forum.  (If you are already a member of the MBH forum, you will automatically be able to post here.)

This subforum is intended SOLELY for those individuals and small-scale entrepreneurs who have harmonica-related equipment, new or used, to sell or trade, and for those looking to purchase such equipment.  Such equipment includes (but is not limited to) the following:  harmonicas (stock and custom), mics, amps, cases, footpedals and rack-mounted sound processing equipment, tuners and other equipment used by customizers, bandoliers and belts.  Please confine threads to those topics.

This subforum is NOT a general gear-head forum designed for the discussion of stuff that is NOT for sale.  Only post here if you actually have something to sell or trade, or if you are querying somebody who does.  General gear-head threads--about design or customizing ideas, challenges, problems or issues, or cool gear you've recently purchased or are just interested in chatting about, or about specific manufacturers, customizers, or purveyors--should be confined to the main forum.

This subforum is NOT intended as a corporate catalogue (i.e., a place where Seydel, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, and Hohner sales reps start threads intended to display ongoing product lines).  The occasional thread from a major manufacturer letting folks know about a new and innovative harp-related product is OK, as long as the product is actually for sale.  It may be assumed that participants in this forum are interested in knowing about such cutting-edge things, whether they are the creation of corporations or individuals.  If you are specifically interested in generating conversation, discussion, and debate about gear types, models, brands, and product lines, however, the main forum is the proper venue, whether you are a corporation or individual.    

This subforum is NOT to be used for other profit-seeking motives--i.e., to advertise harmonica lessons or workshops or concerts and other gigs or job openings.

If in doubt about any of this, please email Adam Gussow (asgussow at aol dot com) and you'll get a quick answer.

Flaming and any other form of personal, professional, and/or technical disparagement are strictly prohibited.  If you engage in such behavior and your transgressions are brought to the attention of the moderators, you will be banished from this and all MBH forums.

Have fun!

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