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For Sale or Trade: > Shure 707A small bullet w/ Shure crystal!!!
Shure 707A small bullet w/ Shure crystal!!!
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May 05, 2017
10:12 PM

Hi folks,

I was an active member of the forum a long time ago. I think 4 or 5 years. Picked up the banjo and vocals now, and I still love the harp. However, I am selling some of my gear since I need money for college and no longer have anywhere to play amplified.

So I am selling my Shure 707A - a light gray bullet mic, smaller than the Green Bullet. It has a Shure crystal element. It sounds absolutely great, and in my opinion has better tone than Astatic crystals, and both white and black label, CR and CM elements that I have tried. Not too dirty, and well-balanced sound with deep tone on mid's. Cable has been repaired a bit with electric tape but everything works fine. A good candidate for volume knob installation.

PayPal accepted.

All the best,


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