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For Sale or Trade: > Bandmaster clone prev. owned by Junior Watson
Bandmaster clone prev. owned by Junior Watson
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Apr 29, 2017
7:00 AM

Hi everybody,

I'm selling a wonderful 3x10 Bandmaster clone built by Headstrong Amps. The amp was built by Wayne, owner of Headstrong Amps in North Carolina, and it was the prototype for a "Junior Watson signature model" amp.

Junior Watson was the original owner of the amp and played it for some time, according to Wayne. He said that Junior was supposed to send it back to him for some small tweaks to the circuit, but the Junior got really busy touring or something and never sent it back. Instead, Junior later sold it to someone in California.

The amp has three 10-inch Jensen speakers, but in a slightly different configuration. Normally, on the Bandmaster, two speakers are on the bottom and one is on the top. Junior's amp has the baffle reversed (his request) to have the two speakers on top and one on the bottom -- he explained to Wayne that he thought it would help project better to the back of any room he was playing in.

The amp sounds fantastic for guitar and is a great harp amp as well. I will say I got my best results with the amp while using the Squeal Killer antifeedback device. The amp is lighter than a Bassman but is roughly the same size. It has a Tuki soft cover as well. The tweed is in good shape, but like any used amp it has some slight wear. The handle must've broken, because the existing handle is just a piece of leather held together with a couple of screws, but you can replace that quite easily.

I'm looking to get $1400 for the amp, and I will ship it worldwide as long as you pay shipping and insurance. In the US I'll ship it for $80. I know how to pack it in securely and it will arrive to you safe and sound. I know how to pack it in securely and it will arrive to you safe and sound. I'm open to offers as long as they are not completely ridiculous.

I have a ten minute video of me playing the amp with some Lone Wolf pedals, using a A, C, and G harmonicas. That way you can get a good idea what the amp sounds like.

Thanks! My email is "William.Lifford (at) the email service that Google provides". And my cell number is five one six, four five nine, five eight five seven.

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Aug 29, 2017
8:24 AM

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