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Dirty-South Blues Harp forum: wail on! > Smell of SPAM from 3 posts?
Smell of SPAM from 3 posts?
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Jan 21, 2021
6:52 AM
See the following and please let me know if you agree:

New EQ Pedal

Post by JeffSimons, second post...


Carlos Del Junco

Post by JeffSimons, first post ever...

This last one is less certain due to minimalism in posting, but seems to have that special aroma. please correct me if I am wrong.

Best Version of Key

Post by lizieth, first post ever...

Doug S.

Last Edited by dougharps on Jan 21, 2021 6:58 AM
3302 posts
Jan 21, 2021
8:00 AM
I see spam in all 3.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.




Soap Music
43 posts
Jan 21, 2021
8:01 AM
Anybody else have trouble opening a can of Spam with that stupid key that's attached to it?
'Wrong key.' How many times have l been told that playing at a gig, after 6 pints and not wearing my reading glasses?
10 posts
Jan 21, 2021
8:21 AM
Perhaps once on FOR SALE OR TRADE.
A a bunch on Blues Harp forum seems like SPAM to me.
6882 posts
Jan 21, 2021
12:01 PM
I agree, Doug. I reported all those to management yesterday. Slightly more subtle than usual but still mind-blowingly stupid posts from our processed meat loving "members"
10334 posts
Jan 21, 2021
1:19 PM
I got the ones in the OP.

Evets, do you have a link?

I wish I was a computer hacker. I'd commission some anti-spam harmonica songs and spam whoever was paying these spammers with different versions of it until they cried uncle.

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