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Dirty-South Blues Harp forum: wail on! > the harp techs will cringe and curse.....
the harp techs will cringe and curse.....
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Jan 01, 2020
4:35 PM
....but it had to be done. Please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. You will destroy your harp.

Beyond the Crossroads: The Devil and the Blues Tradition
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Jan 01, 2020
6:27 PM
No cringing. No cursing. But not how I would do it - even on the fly. But, it worked for you so good on ya.

Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
59 posts
Jan 01, 2020
7:00 PM
I play XOs and my on the fly adjustment technique is to use a paper clip to adjust reeds- that way I don’t have to take the covers off. I also try to adjust gapping as much as I can at the base of the reed.

I like paperclips because I can attach it the the belt loop of my case, that way it is always with me
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Jan 01, 2020
7:34 PM
Who is this nut? First he tries to use a scrap of paper. When that doesn't work he comes up with a reed wrench and ends up over shooting the gap by a mile. All of the tweaks are happening off camera somewhere in his lap. I would have cringed but I was to busy laughing.

Seriously this how-to is pretty funky but it's the end results that count. I like this video because it is inspiring. Just take the covers off and go for it.

If things don't work out as planned call Adam. Just don't blame the man because he warned you not to try this at home.

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Jan 01, 2020
8:40 PM
You do what ya gotta, but...

+1 on the paperclip as a tool!

With a paperclip you don't have to take it apart to adjust a gap, though for an initial gapping of a new harp I usually do take off the covers.

I started using a paperclip and other gathered tools before harp tool kits were being sold.

When I finally bought a harp tool set over 10 years ago Richard Sleigh included... a paperclip!

Doug S.
787 posts
Jan 02, 2020
9:03 AM
----------Cringe!!!!! Curse#@^*)?$@#
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The Iceman
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Jan 02, 2020
9:17 AM
Guerrilla Harp Tech techniques! Regap using a flat edged screw driver and piece of paper!

Nothing wrong with this type of approach.

I used to do a Guerrilla Piano Repair seminar for gigging solo pianists, showing how they can resolve most aggravating piano bar piano issues with a toothpick, folded paper napkin, cheap bar knife and other innocuous easily found materials...
The Iceman

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Jan 02, 2020
9:22 AM
In my little harp toolbox (aka, a cigar box) I keep a pack of PostIt Notes. Tear one off, double it, slip it under the reed, and adjust.

Never had a mishap yet.

Excellent, real-life video
Ron Marr Custom Wood Carving
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Jan 02, 2020
9:26 AM
I use the scrap of paper technique all the time. Works great. I've fixed gapping and alignment issues with it.

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Jan 02, 2020
9:54 AM
When I tune and repair harps I often think the same. Filisko et al would have this reaction to my meatball repair work:

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Jan 02, 2020
12:59 PM
The ‘paper’ always makes me cringe.
I know it works. I’ve used it too. I’d rather use a stick.

My harp repair, reed replacement, journey began after a very ill-considered and disastrous attempt to use a dining fork as a reed wrench.

I’ve mended quite a few ‘adjustments gone wrong’ over the last few years.
Not all my own!

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