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Jul 28, 2013
4:29 AM
Please share info
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Aug 03, 2013
12:39 PM
Two very different but both excellent blues jams in London.

The Coach and Horses Blues jam, Leyton. A very friendly and well run night every Wednesday night from about 8.30 till late. Very harp friendly and have there own house valve amp for use. Strictly a blues jam but all flavours catered for.
One of the best jam websites out there......


Arch 1 Jam, Cranberry Lane, West Ham.

This place is a hidden secret and needs more people to know about it, This is a very informal jam but in no way amateurish. Robert the host has worked hard to get this place up and running and he has created a little gem in the heart of the East End. Very friendly, tolerant, a place where you have the freedom and are in fact encouraged, to try new things. You will love this place



Edit...added a couple of videos to give you taste of both these places


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Mar 24, 2015
3:43 AM
Four more to add:
Firstly Aint nothin but the blues, Kingly Street, on Monday night and Sunday afternoon - Monday gets rammed and is a very high standard, Sunday is more relaxed...
Secondly MO Better Blues on a Tuesday, location varies a bit, check on Facebook.
Third is at The Alley Cat bar on Denmark Street. Used to be a studio where the Stones recorded. On the side of the street which has been (criminally in many peoples opinion)knocked down..
Lastly Thursday night at The Royal George in Soho. Small and intimate. Beginner friendly.
See you there...

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