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User: Oisin
Website: http://www.coachandhorsesbluesjam.com

Live in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex UK

Been playing seriously for about 5 years.
Regular attender of the Coach and Horses Blues Jam in Leyton, London. Best jam in London!

Also Arch1 jam in West Ham (london).

Play mostly Special 20s and Echo Vampers

Use a Shure 515 stick mic and Green Bullet 520dx
but also Shaker dynamic and various others.

Use a Fender 600 champ for jams and Vox ADVT212 50watt amplification. Also use Pignose 7-100 and various other little battery amps plus a couple of valve record player extension amps modified to take a mic.

Also using a Akai Headrush looping pedal (alot!)

I do like anything a bit different to the normal harp stuff....loopping, punk , the madder the better.

My email address is oisinclancy65@gmail.com