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Blues talk 1: Angela Davis' "Three things"
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Jan 01, 2013
6:52 AM
In Blues Talk 1, Adam talks about some fundamental changes in the lives of African Americans after slavery and during reconstruction, and how those changes underly some of the themes of blues songs.
He says that Angela Davis talks about three such changes, and he names freedom to travel (or at least, legality of travel) and freedom to choose romantic/sexual partners (at least in theory). If he mentioned the third thing, I didn't get it.
What is the third thing (according to Davis)? Alcohol? Money?
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Jan 02, 2013
2:33 PM
Honkin, lol. I deleted the spam. I'm trying to make sure both spammers are purged from the roles right now.

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Honkin On Bobo
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Jan 03, 2013
4:11 AM
You're doing yeoman's work, nate........yeoman's work.

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