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Wooden Harp Covers or Suzie Pure Harp?
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Oct 14, 2010
1:43 PM
Hi, So I really want to get a proper wood harp happening and obviously the ideal solution would be if anyone knows someone other than Brodur who makes replacement wooden cover plates?

If not does anyone own a Suzuki Pure who really likes it?
Miles Dewar
473 posts
Oct 14, 2010
2:49 PM

You cain't get none of them fancy wood cover-majiggies 'round these parts. You need to go to Aimish Country. They'll fashion one or two up for ya nice right. Figure it only 'bout take yer a few days on foot.......
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Oct 14, 2010
3:26 PM
I looked through the list of customizers and didn't see any others. In fact, I think aside from opening up the backs there was only one customizer who indicated they did anything to the covers at all (Bluexlab seems to anodize the covers.) Covers are a lot more complicated shape than combs are. Aside from material and some rounding and flattening only a few comb makers seem to make any radical changes even to the shape of combs, let alone take on a shape as complicated as a cover.

You could always take up whittling. Imagine sitting out on the front porch whittling a new harp cover. I can't think of anything more blues!

Someone (it might have been Tod Parrot?) was asking around, I think on behalf of a friend, if there was enough interest in custom covers to make investing in the equipment worthwhile. I don't know if they were thinking of just metal combs or not.

I don't know if a veneer would stay on. There is a site selling plastic promotional harps. They also sell laser printed wood veneers, but I don't know if they combine the two though. Maybe with a lacquer finish on it it might work.


(It looks like they put them on some wood instruments, including a whistle, and on a tin can.)

(For a list of customizers, click on the 'Thread Organizer' link in my signature and click on customizers.

There is a guy in this Slidemeister thread who says he does it (about half-way down the page.) He seems to do it for chroms, but maybe he could do a diatonic.

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Oct 14, 2010
3:28 PM
I love Suzuki harps in general. I have a set of Hammonds, a set of Firebreaths, a set of Promasters, a Fabulous in C and a Pure Harp in C. My LEAST favorite is the Pure Harp. It's a Firebreath with rosewood covers and I don't like the covers. They don't slide on your lips as easily or smoothly as metal covers and they seem to have a duller tone. And the Pure Harp is expensive. FWIW.
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Oct 14, 2010
4:12 PM
i like my Pure, in G. it's not near as loud as other suzukis i've played but has a very sweet and warm tone. not a harp to be wailing triple time on, it's more for a slower sweeter application.

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