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Jason needs our help
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Jul 12, 2010
11:58 PM

I just spotted this video on Jason Ricci's Channel. It looks like Jason really has had a rough time of it lately. I also know what its like to have problems with my lungs so I just donated 5 bucks(thats all i got til payday), if anyone can do the same on here please do. Jason has really helped my playing with all the free lessons he has done over the last few years so please donate if your in a position to. All the info is in the video :o)

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Jul 13, 2010
5:28 AM
I hope it's legit. The video is posted on Jason's YouTube channel so i'm guessing it is.
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Jul 13, 2010
8:36 AM
I will certainly give something, but I don't trust that this is legit, yet. His website is still down. If he can access his emails, perhaps he could be able to do something about his site.

If someone stole his laptop, they probably could upload videos onto his youtube channel.

I dunno.

I'll send him an email and offer to help him with his site.


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Jul 13, 2010
8:52 AM
Wow....Someone wrote something very ugly under the comments section of this video on youtube.

I know professionals help with Jason's web site, but I thought his youtube site was his and his alone? How did Lindros get Jason's password to his youtube channel?

I'm a big fan of Jason's and would love to help....but my hope is that when he is ready, he will post a video to share what info he so desires with his fans.
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Jul 13, 2010
9:00 AM
Man,I'm a bit leery. I hear a different story from a very reliable source. If somebody stole his laptop,they might have his passwords. Until I hear hear it straight from the horse's mouth-or Starsky,or Buckweed or Buddha, I'm sitting on my money.
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Jul 13, 2010
9:18 AM
If you use a Mac then all the passwords you use could very easily be accessed by anyone who steals it. Unless you have set a master password on the computer which then makes it a lot more difficult for them to access any information. Although it's still possible if you know how.

I would say it's probably best to err on the side of caution until you have more information from Jason as to the validity of this plea.

Paul "Kingley" Routledge
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Jul 13, 2010
9:22 AM

You all know how supportive I've been of Jason. He is a friend, an inspiration, a soul-brother. So what I'm going to say may surprise you. In fact, I hope it does.

I agree 100% with Tuckster.

Jason has indeed had a range of troubles over the past 6-9 months. They have been discussed by a brotherhood of harp players behind the scenes, and we have all been remarkably discreet. I, in particular, have been discreet, precisely because Jason is a dear friend and because one thing friends deserve from each other is discretion: knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

I know that Jason is in the hospital, or at least I've heard that--a member of the brotherhood told me and directed me towards a posting on his Facebook page. That disturbs me greatly. Obviously I would like to do something to help. If I had the time, I would organize a fundraiser to help pay his medical expenses. I don't have the time. But I will fly anywhere in the US at my own expense and perform for free, if someone else should care to organize a fundraiser. I'm saying this to make clear that I care, and care deeply.

But, like Tuck, I am getting conflicting stories from various sources about....well, about the larger picture.

So when Corey Lindros shows up out of nowhere with a heart-tugging video that offers one more version of the larger picture: well, I'm not convinced. That saddens me, but it's the truth.

I called Starsky last week, hoping to have a conversation. I left voicemail. He has not returned my call.

I won't even begin to think about sending money to the email address in the video until I hear directly from Jason. He has my cell phone #. I'd like to help, one way or another.

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Jul 13, 2010
9:35 AM
I deleted my earlier post as I was too ambiguous and didn't want to mislead people that have good intentions of helping. I wanted to qualify that I helped Jason with what I could back in June, but I spoke directly with him first.

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Jul 13, 2010
9:48 AM
Can someone get brians paypal details? I'd have some bucks to spare for violincat.
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Jul 13, 2010
10:56 AM
I think the best thing under the circumstances would be for somebody to contact the hospital and have them create a mechanism whereby Jason's friends and well-wishers can help pay whatever portion of his bill isn't covered by insurance or other government programs. For all I know, this is the entirety of his bill. Ideally, such an account would be able to receive PayPal and/or credit-card contributions, along with cash contributions through regular mail. Friends and well-wishers would have the comfort of knowing that their contributions were going directly to Jason's principal expense in a time of need.

As for the video: we've all got problems. They all demand varying quantities of money. Especially when an individual's problems seem to multiply, it's important to keep a level head and prioritize. The great tradition in the blues world is to hold fundraisers to help people pay for their medical expenses. I'm perfectly willing to do help out on that front, as I hope we all are, but it will need to happen through the mechanism I've just described.
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Jul 13, 2010
10:59 AM
great idea Adam! I too would lend my music in anyway to help pay medical bills. Walter
walter tore's spontobeat - a real one man band and over 1 million spontaneously created songs and growing. I record about 300 full length cds a year.
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Jul 13, 2010
11:16 AM
Probably not my place to interject being a 'greenhorn' to this forum and harmonica playing overall...

But, maybe once the validity of this is all sorted out (i.e. making sure that Jason is the actual recipient of any funds -- and not someone hijacking his PayPal account as suggested, especially beings how his laptop was jacked.)

Adam, you spoke a possible fundraiser.. how about a 'virtual' fundraiser? I'd kick in some funds to purchase any of Jason's music or lessons. I'm not sure if he has any lessons packaged up, but I'm sure someone could put together a nice e-package of Jason's lessons.

Putting together e-stuff might be a great vehicle to get -more- people to donate to the cause.

Anyways, my $0.02 worth.

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Jul 13, 2010
11:16 AM
I would think that a website is not the first place I want to start sending money for. Aren't medical bills, medicine, food etc. (to say nothing of the fact that we don't know if he has medical insurance or not) more important? I would want to hear from someone like his agent, if he has one, or his attorney or a member of family, or Jason himself. I am not doubting the sincerity, I just want to know that money is going in the right hands. That is all.
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Jul 13, 2010
11:17 AM
Hear hear.

If somebody can get clearly defined facts, I will do whatever I can for The VC. Like Gus'O, I gotta warm spot in my heart for that kid.

I would like to emphasize the phrase, "clearly defined facts".....starting with: Who (exactly) is "Corey Lindros"?

Underwater Janitor, Patriot
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Jul 13, 2010
11:18 AM

I don't know how a virtual fundraiser would work, but I'm certainly opening to participating--assuming that the money went directly to the hospital. The video talks about Jason needing money to create a website. That's idiotic. He's in the hospital with pneumonia. Priorities, please.
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Jul 13, 2010
11:19 AM
Here's Corey Lindros: a fan and player, it would appear:


Here's one of Corey's posts on Jason's MySpace blog:

"Jason... hey bro that is Bad Ass Brotha!!!!!!...... I am aHarp player of 24 years and I really am impressed by your skills man!!!... I have seen and played with the best in the biz from Madcat to Piazza and I have to say I think you are the worlds best I truly mean that.... NICE OVERBLOWIN!!!!.... and I I like the hair with Red....lol

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Jul 13, 2010
11:25 AM
Your Google-Fu is stronger than mine, Herr Gussow.

That puts a point in the plus column for Mr Lindros.

My convinced status still pending.

Underwater Janitor, Patriot
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Jul 13, 2010
11:30 AM
Adam - Just to clarify virtual fundraiser. I say 'virtual' because it would not entail you flying somewhere to perform to raise funds.

Basically, people would donate to a defined account and get something in return. Maybe a compilation of Jason's music and other musicians here as well. Being careful of copyright issues of course.

Similar to the way you package and sell lessons (or music) Tradbit. Once you donate, you get a link to download the said packages or music. I'm sure any web-savvy person could set something up quickly.

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Jul 13, 2010
11:35 AM
Adam, it would seem from what you say Adam is in a bad place right now and in need of help. I get the feel Lidros is genuine but am eered to the heavy side of caution.

I reckon most people around here see you as a many worthy of trust and wondered, what is the possibility of you setting up a holding fund that we could support and then you direct the funds appropriately i.e. medical expenses.

I would go with that but do not want to send funds via a link from somebody i do not know or even direct to Jason if it was going to be used for other priorites (the website/a new pc/ phone for example)
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Jul 13, 2010
11:36 AM
correction ... adam it would seem from what you say Jason is in a bad place etc.

sorry for the mistake
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Jul 13, 2010
12:08 PM
True, but there's a message from jason to Corey on his myspace where Jason uses the 93 greeting - written about 4 months ago. I'm pretty sure they know each other. However the motive behind all this is still open to speculation and out of respect for Jason this is as much speculating as I will do on a public forum.
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Jul 13, 2010
12:10 PM

As far as trust goes, nobody here is in doubt of your intentions. You also have the benefit of an up-and-running Tradebit storefront.

This gives you the ability to start something from scratch and have it be useful almost immediately. I'm assuming that Jason could use the help right away.

What I am getting at is something like a compilation or benefit album. What if a few artists each contributed some songs to this cause which could then be purchased through Tradebit? Heck, there are plenty of people from this forum who's youtube video's music I put on my media player.

Once you get the mp3s, someone can do some artwork and all that would be left to do is upload it and then sell it.

What do you (everyone) think?

Does anyone have any songs that they have recorded kicking around?


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Jul 13, 2010
12:17 PM
Hi Guys,

I don't have anything to say about the video other than there are several red flags.

I've never heard of Corey Lindros not that any one should be surprised. What concerns me is if Brian Purdy was leading an effort to raise money why is Brian not the one posting the video? I know Brian is a close and trusted friend of Jason. But Corey Lindros? Really? He's a fan more than a friend as far as I can tell. Brian at least was asking people to give money to him to forward on to Jason. That's sound fair and plausible.

If Jason really needs this kind of help why has he not mentioned it to me? Why not mention it to Harpwrench? or to Adam Gussow? We are all magnitudes closer to Jason on more levels than Corey Lindros could be.

"I am aHarp player of 24 years and I really am impressed by your skills man!!!"

That tells me a lot. I've never said anything like to that to Jason because I don't need to. He know what I think of him and I know what he thinks of me etc... Corey is no friend. Not a close one, not a true friend. I'm sure I would have heard of him if he was, my evidence is the players and friends he told me about in the past. I first heard of Brian Purdy, Greg Heuman, Dan Ridgeway, Brandon Bailey, RJ Harman, Jay Gaunt, LD Miller etc through Jason. He's exhibited a habit of gushing about people he likes. He's NEVER once mentioned Corey to me.

His bank is taking out double mortgage payments? Hmmm, I used to work in the mortgage industry. That stuff simply doesn't happen and if it did, they would correct it immediately to avoid a law suit or worse.

The point of hiring a lawyer was brought up on the youtube comments. Corey Lindros is quick to say:

6 hours ago
@mudslide88 actually I asked jason about the same questions when they were going on..... the water damage from the pipes and flood? weren't covered by the type ofins. he had...and as far as a lawyer goes...they ask for money...which believe this or not...Jason doesn't make alot of....like I said in the video....I am just a friend helping a friend...I am only asking to help if you can...Thank you so much for watching...I posted this to jasons account not him...I know he could use the help!!!!

What Laywer wouldn't take a slam dunk case against a big bank on contingency? There are lots of laywers in the harmonica world and I am sure Jason knows many of them. I have close contact with at least four attorneys on a weekly basis over harmonica stuff. I'm sure Jason has met many more than I ever have.

Here is another red flag for me on his facebook page:
Jason Miller Hello again everyone... Also, Jason said that he can no longer access his facebook account since it's tied in with his original website and it is down also. Not sure if once he get's the new website up and going if he will have to do a new page or not... I'll pass more along the next time he calls and has info for me t...o pass along.

Jason can't access his facebook because it's connected to his website? HUH? That doesn't make sense. The two system are not and can NEVER be connected. It's simply not possible.

BUT he is able to give his password to his youtube site for somebody else to post a video for money? I don't know about you, but if you have my password for email, then you can get into my facebook, paypal, my bank, youtube and everything that requires a password. Most people use the same password for everything. Don't you?

Who is Jason Miller? Never heard of him either and why are Jason Miller, Corey Landros and Brian Purdy not working in concert to raise funds? Something stinks about this whole thing.

Harpwrench says he spoke with Jason last week who told him he couldn't access his pay pal account, at least that jives with the fact that he can't access his facebook account.

But then I came across this facebook message:

Jessica Wahman
In all honesty, I'm baffled about this FB problem. Jason was able to post on June 13th (scroll down), and this was after his laptop was stolen and after his website was down. What the heck went wrong after that is beyond me!

So it seems that Jason CAN access facebook unless it was somebody else screwing around with his account ala youtube. BUT if somebody really has his private info for them why not really screw with him? If somebody is going to go through the trouble to hack his accounts and ask for money, you'd think they'd be doing a lot more to ask for money especially considering that can literally pretend to be him via the internet.

I noticed this on facebook:
Elizabeth Schulz
Susan....I just saw this. YES, his phone AND laptop were stolen. He's had an extremely difficult time of it. Actually, financially he's been at a pretty low ebb right now. Brian Purdy of Harpgear helped set up a PayPal a/c for him -a couple of weeks ago - but since then J's finally gotten a paypal a/c of his own. I wish all of those thousands of ... See Morefans of his - could contribute even as little as a dollar - which would more than pay for all the free downloads he's been giving out for so many years - and would help the huge house bills he incurred while in Europe (frozen pipes/water damage/Nashville flooding). I doubt he can make calls right now....so hang in there. I know his trueblue friends love him and are sending healing thoughts which will help. I've sent enough to pay for the 2nd round of antibiotics, sure hope it helps - but till he can work, it's going to be very tough.

Now Elizabeth is somebody that I KNOW is connected to Jason and she claims to be talking to him on a regular basis, THAT I believe. Did you notice what she said?

"Brian Purdy of Harpgear helped set up a PayPal a/c for him -a couple of weeks ago - but since then J's finally gotten a paypal a/c of his own."

If I understand this correctly, Jason has TWO new paypal accounts. Ok that makes sense because he can't access his old one right? This bring us back to WHO THE FUCK IS COREY LINDROS? He's asking for people to send money to Jason's old paypal account that utilizes the JasonRicci.com domain. Remember his website is down...

As of this moment www.jasonricci.com says:

The site you've requested has been suspended. Possible reasons for this are:

* The account is past due
* The account has expired

So his account is past due and/or has expired. That's too bad but it also sends up a red flag about his paypal account. How can he receive email via his domain if it's expired or past due? If he can get email via Jasonricci.com then he could have a website.

I also don't believe he needs money to have a website built. As Gussow says, PRIORITIES... in addition to that, I can't tell you how many people have asked if they can build a website for me FOR FREE. Now if I get 2-3 offers a month, I bet Jason gets 10 times the offers and who wouldn't want to be the guy that built Jason Ricci's website if you're a fan? Money is not needed here.

Hey look!! From Facebook:

Jason Miller Hello everyone... Jason just called me about 20 min ago and he's out of the hospital and the shows are still on. He's in the process of deciding between two guitar players that he's got in mind. His new website will JasonRicciRocks.com

Jason has a new domain. Cool!!! But Corey Lindros is asking for paypal to jason@jasonricci.com now if that were really going to Jason then Jason must still have control over the jasonricci.com domain. So why would he need a new domain?

Somebody is full of shit here and I'm placing my bets on Corey Lindros.

DO NOT SEND Money to Jason@jasonricci.com

"All is bliss"
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Jul 13, 2010
12:32 PM

This is Corey...

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Jul 13, 2010
12:36 PM
Good post, Chris.

I'll only say it one more time: I don't have the time to organize or administer any sort of fundraiser for Jason, virtual or real. The time and focus ain't there. Please don't ask again. Thanks.
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Jul 13, 2010
12:47 PM
Just remembered reading this on Harp-L a while back, doesn't clear up any of the mystery, but it sounds like a far more legit way to help Jason out.

Message: 11
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 11:22:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harp Gear
Subject: [Harp-L] Donations for Jason Ricci and an update.
To: harp-l@harp-l.org
Message-ID: <932603.54733.qm@web408.biz.mail.mud.yahoo.com>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

Some here may have seen I am going to sell his original amplifier to help Jason out. Some have written asking about making a donation to help as they couldn't afford an amplifier but they wanted to help him out.

Many of you may or not know Jason and I have been extremely close friends for years and we stay in contact often. will give a short and sweet status update to help people understand what it going on and do away with some of the rumor that is out there.

Jason was recently released from the hospital where he was treated for pneumonia and a lung problem. He is recovering well and will be back on his feet in no time and back on the road. While in the hospital for three days you can imagine he incurred some pretty stiff bills and medicine costs. He has no heath insurance as many musicians who are making on the road don't. He still lives in Nashville TN and is working hard to get back in pique physical condition. He did not ask me to do any of this but I do have his blessing and he really appreciates the generosity of the harp playing world that would give back so kindly for all the years he has given to us!

If you are inclined to make donations at all you can send them via PP at piercingchess@yahoo.com which is my personal PP and I will keep the donations moving along to him as I receive them. Please include a note with the PP if you wish to send him a well wishing. If you wish to send a donation via CK or MO please email me and I will give you details.

Jason appreciates all the support from those who have stayed by his side and as I said in a previous email, he will be back on the road shorty with a show that is better then ever!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and regardless of if you can/will give or not, please keep Jason in your prayers and thoughts!


PP: piercingchess@yahoo.com
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Jul 13, 2010
12:53 PM
i dont get it.. at least 3 of the people posting in this tread are good friends with jason.. why cant we call him and clear this up NOW... how hard can it be? we arent asking for dirt, or news, just asking a bit of info, so his more giving fans dont get ripped off...

by the way chris.. GREAT post.. really makes one think..
Marty we're no GOD

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Jul 13, 2010
1:15 PM
I have three current passwords plus two that I haven't used for a long time. I've been thinking for a while of expanding them to 5 or 6 and systematising their style and use according to the sensitivity of the application.
gentleman of leisure,
noodler extraordinaire.
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Jul 13, 2010
6:18 PM
I just spoke with Jason and the video upload is legit.

um - does this mean (if we feel so inclined) we should donate to the pay pal address in the video - or would it be safer to donate via Brian at harpgear ?

This very much brings to mind your James Cotton story Adam -
"you can have it all ... but if you see me in the street sometime . . ."
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Jul 13, 2010
6:48 PM
I have been a respiratory therapist over 30 years let me me tell you pneumonia can be some bad shit it can kill young people like jason---glad hes ok---he can play some awesome blues harp and sure he will continue and will work out his problems because bluesmen always do
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Jul 13, 2010
6:50 PM

I keep reading these accounts of a hole in his lung? What is that? How do you have a hole in your lung? What causes that?

I know Jason is a smoker. That causes this hole in the lung thing? I really hope he gets better soon.

"All is bliss"

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Jul 13, 2010
7:04 PM
hello buddha
hope you had a great trip back home
as far as a hole in your lung there is a thing called a bleb or weak place in your lung that ruptures Im sure he had a pulmonologist that was on his case I lived in nashville for 24 years worked at was is now skyline med center Im sure jason had a pneumothorax with a chest tube and the pneumo must have resolved it would be great if he stopped smoking I sympathasize with smokers as I have never had the habit and hate cigarettes but smokers can be good people
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Jul 13, 2010
7:10 PM
I'm still in MN. I sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend to pick me up. I will be back in AZ on thurs.

The trip is ok so far, I'm here for a funeral so it's not all happy happy joy joy knome sain?

"All is bliss"
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Jul 13, 2010
8:25 PM
I wrote to Brian at harpgear and got the following:

Hey Noam ! I am asking $1600 for his amp and Jason can now accept donations at jason@jasonricci.com.

I did make a small donation - and also paid for a download at itunes of a CD of Jason's I din't own yet. If you don't have the full discography of Jason's - perhaps this is the time to round out your collection.
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Jul 13, 2010
11:53 PM
Wow, I was worried for a while there that i had been a bit hasty in donating my 5 bucks. I really thought the vid was legit and still hope it is. I think you were all right in holding off from donating. I really hope my 5 bucks gets to Jason.

@Buddah i suffered from a puntured lung last Xmas, air bubbles burst and tear the lining of the lung, very common in tall thin men with long arms(I know i laughed at that when the doctor told me too)i simply put the kettle on first thing in the morning, next thing i know i couldn't breath properly. It usually takes a couple of months to heal. I could still manage to play harp but things like train rhythms aggrivated it somewhat.

I still get a dull ache there from the scar tissue but i guess thats the Blues!!

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Jul 14, 2010
5:08 AM
A pneumothorax is not that uncommon. Being in a business that involves not-ordinary breathing, I've seen plenty of barotrauma over the years.

Our body mechanisms are set up so that it is hard to simply inhale enough to impose more pressure than we can handle. In other words, your diaphragm will pull with only so much suction. You lungs can handle what that draw is. Unless you add other factors and thereby increase the risk.

Fiddle Kitty could have quite easily set the sequence in motion while playing his harps. I've seen a lung blow out through a motion as simple as a guy breathing hard, then have a hiccup or trying catch a small belch while huffing hard while working at high exertion levels. All it takes is a bit of pressure in the lung while the diaphragm fights in opposition for a split second. In that short flash, your body can actually jack up your own lung pressure and find the weak spot. "Enthusiastic" harp playing could have also experienced one of these additional factors. In fact, that you are working your system via the harp could be considered an additional factor to merely breathing. A spasm of the diaphragm during an exceptionally focused inhale could have momentarily spiked the lung pressure. Say, from being tired, having too much caffiene, getting distracted by something, etc.

The most exaggerated example of this is the classic breach of the cardinal rule of diving. Take a breath into your lungs at depth, hold it, and ascend to a shallower depth. Poof. The pressure inside the lung goes up as the outside 'back pressure' from the surrounding water goes down as you get shallower, and the lung breaches. That IS a way that we can impose that kind of internal forces on ourselves. I've also heard of runners that were focused and zoned up and then had some outside incident, like suddenly experiencing that a city bus was almost on top of them, and their rhythm (and subsequently their lung) was blown.

It is likely that JR tore the lung, then felt discomfort for a bit, then gradually felt shittier until he finally reached the "I gotta go the ER" threshold.

I realize that many would love to have smoking be the smoking gun. I don't want to be an advocate for smoking. But, while smoking may have been a factor, I seriously doubt if it was THE factor. More like a big combination plate of body type, genetics, current physical condition, immediate physical state, breathing and playing, smoking, fatigue, and on and on. Certainly a medical professional, concerned do-gooders, and anti-smoking aggressives will wave their fingers and proclaim "Aha" and dismiss it as due to cigarettes. But, I'm going to maintain that in the deepsea diving business I've known dozens and dozens of hard core smokers that worked in conditions that place you as close as you can get to setting up the circumstances for a pneumothorax, and have had long and productive careers working under heavy barostresses without any troubles at all. I will also agree that it was probably a contributor. But also probably not any greater a factor than the fact that El Gatito can be as powerful as anybody moving air in and out of his lungs. Our bodies are fantastic things to watch operate......even more fascinating sometimes when they have a glitch.

Underwater Janitor, Patriot
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Jul 14, 2010
5:12 AM
I think as an online community - especially those who have blogs and websites with a following of sorts - we can do something to help a beloved musician who needs help. In a way, that would be the virtual fundraiser that @TahoeMike00 was talking about.

I am writing a post about this now for www.harpsurgery.com. However, to be honest, I still have reservations.

However, before I send out a call on my blog, and before I dig into my pocket myself, it would be a HUGE help to know where the money is going. It is clear that Jason has NEED. But as Adam points out, obviously some needs must take priority over others.

Hospital bills? YES, I will spring for that without hesitation.
General expenses? Here it gets tricky and it's impossible to say want I want to say without sounding like a prick: I want to support a struggling musician, but I don't particularly care to support his smoking habit (ESPECIALLY if it helped put him in hospital by aggravating his condition). Nor would a new JR website be my priority: that would be a useful thing for him to have, but can't rank alongside his basic health and wellbeing.

I would really feel more comfortable with a more transparent and accountable system here. Your thoughts on that?

[Edited after Buzadero's comment: Obviously Jason will put funds wherever they're needed most, and I don't mean to say there should be strict conditions. My only concern is this call from a supportive fan to contribute towards a new website "for our viewing pleasure", and I wish this effort was being managed in a way that made it clearer exactly how much they need, where the money will go to, who's managing the funds, etc. That would be basic fundraising etiquette.]


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Jul 14, 2010
5:18 AM
If I give the dude money, its because I feel for his plight. I won't feel right placing conditions on it. As long as I can be certain that my contribution goes to him, I'm fine with it. He can use it for whatever the hell he wants. I wouldn't be handing him money if I didn't identify a desire for me to donate. I'm also not going to give anybody money. If I part with my own hard earned dollars, it will only be to give to someone that I trust will utilize it as he feels appropriate.....not as I feel is.

My two cents........

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Jul 14, 2010
6:19 AM
@ Buzadero , Thanks for posting the info on the pneumothorax. I found that my doctors really couldn't give me any info on it other than its common in tall thin men with long arms. I'm still a bit worried that i get a fair amount of pain with it 6 months later( Stabbing type pain between my shoulder blades and a dull ache in the front of my chest)I guess its just something im gona have to live with but at least it got me to stop smoking. :o)

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Jul 14, 2010
6:38 AM
Congratulations. There are far more rewarding oral fixations.

Underwater Janitor, Patriot
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Jul 14, 2010
9:17 AM
I did not ask if jason was on life support during his illness being on a ventilator involves positive pressure to the lungs frequently causing pneumos it impressed me that jr wells played with only 1 lung but was able to play that well leads me to believe that many great players like jason might be using too much wind I hate to think someone could receive barotrauma from blowing harp but maybe can
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Jul 14, 2010
9:35 AM
Jason has 'given' to me - freely. As have Adam, Chris, Tod and others.
With generous sharing of knowledge, as well as encouragement.

Though we met briefly, I don't know Jason personally - or pretend to. I don't need to know his secrets or judge his shortcomings. I just know he has "paid it forward" plenty.

Unless someone convinces me that 'helping' is actually hurting in some way - I only feel good paying a teeny bit back.
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Jul 14, 2010
9:57 AM
I had a pulmonary embolism once. I believe it started
when I had some allergy attacks from a cats while rehearsing. It came on slowly but in two weeks
I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs.
By the time I got to the emergency room my
blood oxygen was in the 80 percent range.
I was put on Iv blood thinner and was there for a week.
When the clots started to break up it was like being
hit with a baseball bat in the ribs. The price 14 thousand dollars if you had no insurance ten thousand if you did. I had to take coumadin for three months.
After that my doctor put me on omega 3s vitamin e and aspirin as a precaution. My doctor also gave me essiac
to use as a tonic. It worked very well to bring
my health back.

Lungs shouldn't be abused. I was lucky this proves
fatal a lot of the time. You feel like you're suffocating even though you're breathing in plenty of

This might be a good time for everyone that smokes to
think about stopping.

How you doin'

How you doin'
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Jul 14, 2010
10:02 AM
the good lord gave you a second chance when you survived that people in car wrecks sometime receive trauma to the leg where the clot begins and works its way to the lungs jason apparently had pneumonia which would not be related to pe but agree he should quit the coffin nails
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Jul 14, 2010
10:44 AM
I had all sorts of lung problems when I was a kid. Every spring I'd get hayfever that would turn into pneumonia. Mothballs, cigarette smoke or catalpa trees would set me off. I needed adrenalin shots on a couple occasions and spent time in crupe and oxygen tents. I still have asthma. All activities have risks. I suppose harp could cause an acute lung problem, but overall it's benificial. It's actually a recomended treatment for asthma and other breathing disorders. Works good for disorded breathing that comes with panic disorders too. Runners can get hurt running, but running will improve their overall health, on average.

I wish I could help Jason out. My computer needs replacing, I'm driving a 23 year old car, and I'm defaulted on my student loans. My computer skills aren't up to helping with a website. I already show all my friends his stuff. I don't have any recordings good enough to help. If someone can think of another way besides just sending him well wishes, which of course I do, let me know.

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Jul 14, 2010
10:47 AM
I have had several recent emails from Corey Lindros--three in fact--and the story keeps getting more bizarre.

I am having a hard time remaining discreet, but I will keep my mouth shut, dadgummit.

I will also say at this point that Lindros does NOT feel he did a smart or helpful thing in making the aforementioned video and asking people to send money to jason@jasonricci.com.

Please do not send money to that email address.
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Jul 14, 2010
10:53 AM
with all the privacy issues today regarding health care its probably best to remain discreet but the postings from most of the forum are well meaning and are hoping jason can recover but people should not be trusting enough to part with their well earned cash
Honkin On Bobo
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Jul 14, 2010
12:24 PM
I thought the topic was fishy starting with the other thread. Somebody pointed out that the band had canceled dates....and the next thing you know people were weighing in with veiled messages that "they were in the know regarding facts about Jason and the bands breakup", including dropping hints about this or that...without ever really saying anything...all the while maintaining that there were trying to be discreet because they were "friends" of jason's.

Well if you want to be discreet why say "you know I heard a few things about Jason and they weren't good, but i'm his friend so i can't tell you any more".

What the ____ is that???? if you want to be discreet, how about saying nothing?

I know nothing about his situation whatsoever...reading the threads on here has done nothing to clarify anything for me regarding him.

At this point if it wasn't posted by Jason himself, Adam or Chris, I give it no weight.

I wish him well.

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Jul 14, 2010
10:48 PM
I'm in the camp that says when we can be certain of a legitimate source that gets money to Jason, or directly for his needs, I'm in.
Until then, I'm like the rest of you - very leery of the internet and the people with agendas that cannot be proven to be good or evil.
Violin Cat
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Jul 15, 2010
1:46 AM
This is Jason Ricci
Corey Is my very close and dear friend. I gave Corey permission to post the video on U Tube and I thank him very much for doing so. Our friendship is not based on harmonica, that was only the mechanism for our meeting. What our friendship is based on is a love of Thelema as well as a search for personal growth, self discovery and our interest in The OTO the rest is none of anyones business and is more often than not, by design,shared with anyone, including my family and closest friends. Those interested in The OTO should read about it.

1. Corey is a real good friend who helped me very much by makig that video. Despite some of the accusations here The things in the video are ALL unfortunately true.
Many of my shows I have been acussed of not showing up for can be verified by simple fact checking of my personal documents, contracts, you tube videos of my shows, or by coming over to my house or fucking talking to me.
I apologize to my many fans and club owners for the inconvenience of my booking agency double booking. My guitar and bass player quitting with no notice the day we were to leave on tour,and was informed that all scheduled clubs on that tour would be contacted. I later found out that they hadn't been.
My 104 degree temp landed me in the Er recently and after many tests and xrays the Dr. informed me that I have pneumonia and asked me if I had had any weight loss and been feeling weak for a long time and I of course said yes. He then informed me that I have been sick and had pneumonia for quite sometime due to the fact that I have a hole in my lung as well as an abscess in my lung.
2.) Im not doing hard drugs. I did have a relapse in Dec. 1 more shortly after that. I am currently smoking marijuana occassionally and maybe an alcoholic beverage now and then.
3)My website and domain name have changed. I am not sure why some of my logins and passwords work with the old site but again THIS is all true!!
4)I am starting over with a new band, new email, new website and a new outlook to my future.
My email is now: jasonriccirocks@yahoo.com
My new and upcoming website jasonriccirocks.com

Many Thanks to those of you who have supported me, and most of all, To those of you who have and do continue to believe in me.
Jason Ricci

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