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where is everyone?
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Jan 24, 2024
12:34 PM
Hi all - After a break of many years I'm very gratefully re-engaging with harmonica lately, finally having healed a number of the issues (intense neck/back/TMJ stuff) that forced me to stop playing for the last decade or so.

However, I'm finding that the online world of harp resembles the rest of the web these days - which is to say that all the old forums and areas where people gathered seem to have vanished or become graveyards.

This place seems to have come to something of a halt, as has harp-l and some of the other places that used to have such active and lively discussion.

So, where is everyone now? Has all the harp talk been herded into social media like the rest of the internet? Or are there new forums I'm not aware of? Has everything just been said about harp, and is everyone tired of talking about it now?:) Where'd y'all go?
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Jan 26, 2024
11:00 AM
Yeah, a lot of it has moved to the social media platforms. Their software is just more up to date.

I still check posts here, but I also hang out on Modern Blues Harmonica on Facebook (we tried integrating some cross capability here, but FB degraded their tools for that). The forum on FB just passed 70k members. There is also Just Play It, Harp Jam, and Harp Jam Nation, all also on FB. There is also /harmonica on Reddit. (I'm an admin on the MBH FB page, as well as Just Play It and /harmonica.)

There are others, but those are the big ones I know and frequent.

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Jan 26, 2024
3:43 PM
I still read here and the FB MBH, though I am not a user of FB. The FB version does not seem to foster the type of in-depth discussions once featured here by longtime players seeking to expand knowledge and share techniques.

New younger players seem to be drawn to the FB style of social media interface, and showoff posts see a wider audience there than here. Users on FB seem more at home with other modern social media. Videos posted here seemed to be sharing among a group of participants, while FB videos are posting for the general public.

Online instruction providers seem to be the sources of harmonica knowledge.

Overall there seems to be less information sharing by intermediate and advanced level peers these days.

Doug S.

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Feb 03, 2024
9:04 AM
Good to hear FB has 70K users (I]m not a FB user) I'm just wondering if the harmonica is becoming less popular in recent mainstream music and maybe has some affect on this sites use.
20-30 years ago it seemed that more major bands and players were prominent with the likes of J Giles, Fabulous T-birds, Alaman Bros, Stevie Wonder, War, Norton Buffalo even the Rolling Stones. So there was a fair amount of harmonica in top 40. I don't even know if top 40 exists anymore ? Maybe I'm living under a rock but I'm just not hearing much Harmonica in new music releases.
Thievin' Heathen
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Feb 04, 2024
11:08 AM
I don't think the harmonica has lost any popularity. Zuckerberg is simply sucking up the market share.
Marc Ihm
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Feb 04, 2024
10:10 PM
reddit/harmonica looked promising, but for my taste has too many beginners asking for first advice; which is great and justified for them but can become tiresome.

There is also a stackexchange site for music; but none (yet) for harmonica ...

Last Edited by Marc Ihm on Feb 04, 2024 11:31 PM
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Feb 05, 2024
6:39 AM
I've returned here to the cozy forum I know and trust. I ended my facebook last year. I'm sure I've missed some things. I miss MBH group and Jason's pedalboard group sometimes. To anyone who remembers me from real life or Facebook, "Hi!".

Robert Stalvey
Holden, MA
1126 posts
Feb 06, 2024
12:38 PM
I’m still around, sad that forums have been pretty much crippled by Facebook. I deleted FB from my life and am happier:)
High Performance Harmonicas
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Feb 16, 2024
9:42 AM
I also noticed a drop-off of posts here and attributed it to the end of the pandemic and people getting out of the house and back to work in person. During the pandemic MBH was buzzing every day, so I assumed that was the answer. I don't bother much with FB anymore...it's a real time waster and full of nonsense, political jabber and everyone's last night dinner. Just don't care what you baked yesterday. MBH has been a valuable resource for locating repair techs, retail dealers and comparing products...influenced some of my buying decisions.
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Feb 17, 2024
8:43 AM
I just checked this site the other day, after years of not posting (still playing, just not posting) and noticed the drop-off in activity as well. I'm averse to Facebook (and almost all social media) so the quietness here was a disappointment.

Does anyone know if there are any sites around like the old "Harmonica Boogie" page? That place provided me hours of happy practice time, but it's long gone.
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