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Icelandic solo harmonica
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Sep 25, 2023
5:47 PM
Hey there!

I wanted to share a little piece I wrote for harmonica which is inspired by tradition Icelandic music. It's our version of the blues, lot's of cold dark nights out here! There was almost no instrumental tradition back in the day but people used to sing rhymes (often a similiar format as the 12 bar blues).

It's in 3rd pos on a Hohner Crossover in A. I'm toungeblocking and bending notes on one side and keeping the other straight. It's something I heard Joe Filisko do and had to learn!

But first and foremost it's a very cathartic piece for me. I wrote it in the memory of my father. Hope you like it

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Sep 28, 2023
12:11 PM
Very nice, Gaukur. You inspire me to work on that bending technique.

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Oct 02, 2023
10:37 AM
That's lovely to hear Tom :)
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Oct 02, 2023
11:08 AM
I really like it
Wailing ptarmigan
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Oct 26, 2023
3:02 PM
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Oct 29, 2023
7:02 AM
The drone - very bagpipe feel
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Oct 29, 2023
2:43 PM
Very nice!

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Oct 31, 2023
2:57 PM
Haunting melody.

Well done!
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