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Anybody Making 7-Limit Just Intonation Harps?
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Nov 05, 2022
11:54 PM
I guess the title says it all. Is any current harmonica manufacturer making 7-limit just intonation harmonicas? This old man has decided he likes the sound of these harps best, after playing some of his oldest harps, and comparing them to the newer ones.

I especially like the "crack" coming from playing the 4-5 draw notes simultaneously and forcefully. Hard to describe it better than that. I'm not talking about drugs, just a sound.

Anyways, is that tuning available for purchase anywhere? If not, who can tune a Special 20 to that tuning?

I'd rather buy a harmonica with that tuning, but will go to a custom tuner if all else fails.


wolf kristiansen
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Nov 07, 2022
5:43 AM
I thoroughly enjoy tuning harps to Just (and odd tunings).
Is the Fabulous 7 limit?
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Nov 07, 2022
9:48 AM
I'd double check before ordering, but looking at the charts it looks like maybe the Hering 1923 and the Suzuki Fabulous?


Of course, Hering may have changed since they were bought out and reorganized. They do respond in a reasonable time frame if you IM them on FB.

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Nov 07, 2022
10:47 AM
As far as I know, Hering still uses 7LJI. Other than buying a custom harp and making sure that you specify that you want 7LJI (because with 99% of customizers, unless you specify, if you ask for just intonation, they will automatically use 19LJI).

Other than retuning the entire harp yourself, if you buy a Seydel, their compromise tuning is essentially close to 19LJI (with the only difference is how 5 & 9 draw are tuned, and in 19LJI, those two notes are tuned 1.5 cents sharp and with Seydel 2 cents flat), you can retune those two on Seydel approximately 25 cents flatter to achieve it but to make sure you have it right, you not only have to listen to the octaves, but also how the note sounds with the other two notes in the chord and once you don't hear any beating when the chord is played SOFTLY, then you're there.

@Gnarly -- the Suzuki Fabulous comes both in equal temperament and 7LJI tuned versions.
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