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Overblows on Yonberg with delta reeds?
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Jun 19, 2022
12:48 AM
Any experience how overblows work on out-of-the-box Yonberg harps with delta-shaped (wider at rivet side) reeds?
I've seen a video demonstrating OOTB all overblows and overdraws and sustaining and up-bending these (to certain extent). This seems to be above the average. I wonder to which extent this may help to break the vicious circle we all know - overblows are impossible to learn before you learn how to set up your harp for them, and vice versa :) (And both skills include some magic never expressed by words. And the more expensive is the harp you learn on, the better your chance. Close to zero on cheap ones.)
So, are delta reeds (they call it Gamma in fact) that magic bullet which allows you to learn the technique a bit faster than by the traditional way of error and error? I'd really like to hear any experience from great savants of this forum. (So far I am quite reluctant to buy yet another harp to try out, I collected far too many on my overblow way...)

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Jun 19, 2022
10:15 AM
I had a conversation once about how to make a reed using modern CNC style cutting instead of stamping them. The Yonberg reed looks almost exactly like what you'd get from doing that- it would be a shape you'd get because you can't get in to some tight corners.

On the other hand, a wider base might actually prevent the reed from developing the torsional vibrations that cause squeal.

I doubt they are a magic bullet, but they do seem to be trying to innovate and I've heard they are set up pretty well.

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Jun 19, 2022
11:17 AM
Has anyone tried one? I asked support if it will stay in a harmonica rack?

Im always open minded-change is either good or bad---but I never know until I try it, or talk to someone who has.

I wonder about shipping coming from France??
"On the other hand, a wider base might actually prevent the reed from developing the torsional vibrations that cause squeal".
Hmm good point

I gave up on doing overblows, I cant afford to pay for the customization. I have every harp tool imaginable and have set up my harps to overblow and or play well.

Good post ---any more info appreciated
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Jun 19, 2022
1:41 PM
Thank you both.

Nate - yes, wider base possibly preventing torsion is what caught my eye. (But some fixed-width reeds have variable thickness profiles, this may also help. Or maybe already intentionaly helps - those of you in contact with manufacturers might know.)

snowman - I know the pain, got stuck reed in a middle of solo when honored with a window to show-off. Embarrasing even with just my micro-audience of forgiving friends. Now I carry a non-OB backup harp.

I am in Europe so getting Yonberg would not be that hard. On the other side, by shipment from the US I always risk an unpredictable time-consuming encounter with the customs office. That’s why I never used service of great customizers - they somehow tend to live in the US.

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Jun 22, 2022
12:56 AM
European customizers:

Joel Andersson is in Sweden. He does fantastic work on Hohners. You can get a work of art or just a damn good harp.


Ben Bowman in in Holland. He does work on Seydels.

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Jun 22, 2022
7:41 AM
Thanks Happy Honker, maybe this answers my real question better than knowing details on Yonberg :) Customizations seem to be again level up compared to few years ago when I looked around. I'll give it a try, one well set up harp may help in learning more than my box of somehow hacked ones.

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