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Doom Harp
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337 posts
Aug 26, 2021
11:31 PM
OK, it's not harmonica, but still uber-cool. Enjoy!:

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Soap Music
84 posts
Aug 27, 2021
12:53 PM
I don't know what make or model that harp is, but you ain't going to find anything better to to blow and draw on, and floss yer teeth at the same time.
After all, Harpo Marx had the best dentures of all the Marx Brothers.
2288 posts
Aug 28, 2021
7:18 AM
Interesting. It might be cool in a movie sound track.
10367 posts
Aug 29, 2021
8:04 AM
I just saw this the other day on YouTube. Pretty cool.

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ted burke
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Aug 29, 2021
10:21 AM
Doomsday Piano

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