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Half Masked..o.t
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Aug 14, 2021
10:37 AM
Played one of our strangest gigs today.
I suppose I could say found a new way to play my harp. At least new to me.
We play at some senior assisted living places and got our 1st gig in well over a year at one of our regular places.

Signed in with the new protocol, temp check, hand sanitizer, approved mask at sign in then off to a diff part of the bldg to play the gig.

When I asked "when do we take the masks off" they said "you don't"
I can't play harp and wear a mask. My wife did the gig vocal and all with a mask on.
So rather than make her do the gig solo they asked if I could scrunch my mask up above my mouth but still over my nose and still play.

Well damned if I knew..but there you have it. I scrunched up the mask and played the tunes like I've been doing that for years. Eye glasses fogged up... mask kept slipping onto my upper lip and the "show goes on"

Kind of cross referencing another thread here but...we always "dress for the gig" but it was one odd outfit today!

How are the rest of you making out playing for/with folks ?
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Aug 14, 2021
12:05 PM
Not trying to make waves but we have used distance primarily. One place last October we had to wear masks in and then could take them off since we were like 10 feet from the tables.
Have yet to play a retirement place, probably when/if I end up in one I'll address that then. For now we're in neutral but I expect to do some street busking before long here. We busked a lot last fall and in the spring. and distance was the thing.
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Christian Wasmer
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Aug 25, 2021
10:32 AM
I have been working on a solution a while back. Just have a look at :



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Aug 25, 2021
1:52 PM
I keep meaning to make a video of it... too depressing with a real mask, but I can play a few songs hands free just holding the harmonica in my mouth and I want to make a video where I'm all wrapped up for winter with a scarf on, friend playing guitar and singing, and then suddenly I just start doing the whole exaggerated movement thing you see where you bend over playing, swing side to side, lean back... all while keeping my arms perfectly still to the sides.

Unfortunately, all I can play that way is Hail to the Bussdriver and maybe Row Row Row Your Boat... although actually now that I think about it I've got one song where the whole riff is just two holes (5 notes, but just two holes) that might work.

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Aug 29, 2021
4:20 AM
Some interesting ideas indeed.
True while we are playing some of the people are only about 10' away from us. We thought maybe they would have us play in a courtyard with the people along the perimeter so they could listen.
One thing we did notice unexpectedly was how much it cheered up the staff working there to have some live music for a change.

I got the link to work, by going directly to you tube and then just shortening the address and it played fine. Nice demo playing under the mask, though I change harps frequently from one song to the next with some songs using 2 harps, that I wouldn't really be able to make a go of it.
Still nice to see some ideas.
It did make me realize how many times I look at my harps before I play ,esp my starting note hole when I really don't need to. Just a bit of a habit I suppose.

We have been hosting a small open mic here once a month. It's spacious enough we do it mask less, but i think Sept will be our last one with cooler temps coming among other things.

Always looking for ideas though....

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