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Upsetting your neighbours in revenge.
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Soap Music
77 posts
Aug 04, 2021
10:30 AM
What's your go-to-album when you're selfish neighbours keep you awake at night with their disco BBQs and play at full volume their drum n' bass or sickly, unimaginative pop 70s, 80s 90s dross?
I go straight to either, Full House Live by The J. Geils Band or Deep Purples' Live in Japan. I crank it up so loud that the cat has kittens and Croydon council comes a knocking on my front door.
If you got anything bluesier and heavier, let me know. I'm running out of blues ammunition. Oh, by the way, my cat has been neutered and her turds are furry.

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3367 posts
Aug 04, 2021
12:08 PM
Back when I had a Guitar Monsters album, yes, 33 1/3 album. Santana, the guy with cult, Townsend, Richards, all the killers. I'd set the turntable to keep playing over and over and leave for a few hours. I did my best to get along with those clowns but they just laughed at me and kept me up half the night several times. So..........
Harmonica content, they knocked on my door one time to give mew sh&t about my playing. It was early days and I had no amp.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.




10361 posts
Aug 05, 2021
10:34 AM
When I was in college the guy in the room next to me used to blast 'Son of a Preacher Man' on loop every weekend morning. I put my speakers up against the wall and cranked the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. Award winning strings with huge speaker rattle. He always gave up in a couple minutes.

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Honkin On Bobo
1544 posts
Aug 08, 2021
6:35 AM
Made in Japan and Full House both excellent choices. I just dragged Japan out of the place it was hiding in, long after I'd gotten rid of my turntable and stereo gear. Borrowed a cheap turntable and hooked it up to a nice little Bose sound system I have. The bass cranks on some of those tunes, like a freight train.

Other ideas (not true blues but should get the job done): AC/DC's tune It's A Long Way to the Top (if you wanna rock and roll). The bag pipes will cut through anything and certainly have the potential to irritate (added fun bonus: you can play along with the bagpipe lines on your amped up harp) . Also Brian Johnson /Bon Scotts vocals will rip right through you. Hit'em with a little Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, how fitting no? Aerosmith has some great rockified blues covers on their Honkin On Bobo album, try the cover of Road Runner or Baby Please Don't Go, both rock hard. How about the Who, Won't Get Fooled Again, hell between Moonie's thunderous drumming and Roger's primal scream it's was practically made to be played on 11. Led Zep whole lotta love, that crazy mid section that breaks down into Bonhams drums and Jimmy's mini-solo. Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall (but make sure it's the Remastered parts 1,2 and 3).Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle, Axl always sounds pissed off. How about Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-vida, very heavy and like 20 minutes long right? The drum solo sounds like a Native American war party assembling. Added bonus: after its use in silence of the lambs, they might think you're a cannibalistic psycho that's gonna break in the front door or have them for dinner with some fava beans and a good chianti.

Damn this is fun.

If you don't have any of the above in your collection it's ALL available on youtube. Make a playlist. Just hook up the computer to a good sound system and you're in business. Gotta suffer the ads though.

Lastly, I had a kick ass pair of speakers when I was in my foolish teens and twenties, a lot older now...still foolish. I think they were cerwin-vegas nice wood cabinets. They could blow your face out. I called them "The Lease Breakers".

I feel you on this

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2263 posts
Aug 08, 2021
7:45 AM
Musical retaliation has not been an issue for me in a long, long time. This is from college dorm stereo wars days, over 50 years ago. It isn't strictly "blues", but it did the job in the dorm:


Doug S.

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487 posts
Aug 08, 2021
6:49 PM
You might just put this on ‘repeat’


Phil Pennington
Soap Music
78 posts
Aug 08, 2021
10:56 PM
Mental Heath Warning:
Try to avoid moving nextdoor to the above contributors.

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Honkin On Bobo
1545 posts
Aug 09, 2021
5:12 PM
Ah! The old bait and insult. Well played soapy!!!!

Next up, soapy asks for advice on reed repair, and follows up with a post on those foolish people that repair a $40 harp.

May you choke on the furry turds of of your domesticated feline.
-----old delta blues curse.

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2264 posts
Aug 09, 2021
5:33 PM
@Soap Music



Doug S.
Soap Music
80 posts
Aug 10, 2021
1:39 AM
I whole heartily accept any voodoo curses posted my way, even the occasional (blow up) doll with pins it.
I've have plenty of bicycle inner tube repair kits.
952 posts
Aug 10, 2021
6:42 PM
Crank some Yoko Ono on repeat and leave for the afternoon.
Soap Music
81 posts
Aug 11, 2021
12:42 AM
Yoko Oh No!
That's taking retribution too far towards your fellow man.
It does beg the question, what is a Yoko recording doing in your possession? Possibly given to you by a discruntled neighbour?

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1181 posts
Aug 13, 2021
8:35 PM
Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

why mess around?

MBH Webbrain - a GUI guide to Adam's Youtube vids
FerretCat Webbrain - Jason Ricci's vids (by hair colour!)

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201 posts
Aug 18, 2021
6:34 AM
Better idea: Move out of your apartment complex and go buy a house with a separate garage. My studio is in the upstairs of my garage, the walls are fully insulated and I don't think either of my neighbors can even hear my music...and they go to bed early. Their son plays trumpet, but I hardly ever hear him. Problem solved.
6685 posts
Aug 22, 2021
12:51 PM
My go-to song is Walter Wolfman Washington's "You Can Stay"

Crank it up! You'll feel better.


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