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I dressed the part and was added to new video
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Jim Rumbaugh
1381 posts
Aug 02, 2021
6:31 AM
Our home town producer Bobby Lee Messer was making a video and recording of Karen Combs' new tune "Appalachian Strange". Karen brought me in to do a solo break. She then brought me in to help get her boat running so they could film a video. Two days after the video shoot, Bobby Lee called me and said. "I should have taken some video of you playing the harp for the solo break. Are you available again?" I asked what to wear, he said anything, "unless you have a tux, that would be cool" Well, I had a tux, but when I pulled it out the jacket was missing !!. Then I remembered my Lansky's jacket I picked up in Memphis when I visited the I.B.C..

So dressed to the 9's, I showed up. The results, I became a fixture of the video. My playing on the recording is passable. I couldn't remember what I had played and my syncing is off. But I do think I look good in the video and add to the production. The lesson: dress for for the gig. Looking good is part of the entertainment package.

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
797 posts
Aug 02, 2021
4:14 PM

122 posts
Aug 02, 2021
6:30 PM
Very nice & I dig the jacket !
85 posts
Aug 03, 2021
10:52 AM
very cool man!
1727 posts
Aug 03, 2021
10:53 AM
Oh my! Certainly dressed fancier than you did for that New River Train documentary! Nice job Jim.
1728 posts
Aug 03, 2021
10:54 AM
Made my day!
10360 posts
Aug 03, 2021
10:59 AM
Very cool!

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Aug 03, 2021
11:38 AM
Good song! Good video!

I like your jacket and tie.

I think the title should be your new stage name!

Doug S.
2155 posts
Aug 04, 2021
11:42 PM
Cool! What fun!
BronzeWailer's YouTube
22 posts
Aug 07, 2021
6:34 AM
more like 5$ white...

just ask Rick Estrin about stagewear.

I heard Rick and the 'cats a few years ago, he was returning to the stage from a break, wearing his usual garb, and I complimented him on his sharp suit in a lighthearted way. He looked me up and down, smiled and looked me in the eye, and said

"yeah man, I sure got your ass beat"
Jim Rumbaugh
1382 posts
Aug 08, 2021
8:12 AM
@gutbucket. I think I'll quote Rick in the future. Thanks for sharing the story.

@Doughaprs. I'm strange enough without making it my name.

To everyone. Bobby Hughes from Columbus OH once told me, "that's why they call it a SHOW". I say it's a worthwhile investment that adds to the performance.
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)
951 posts
Aug 10, 2021
6:40 PM
That harp looks like it has a chromed comb.
Jim Rumbaugh
1383 posts
Aug 12, 2021
7:53 AM
@Philosofy You have a good eye. It's an Easttop I got from Danny G at Newharmonica.com. His online page says it is a chrome plated brass comb. It plays pretty good and has been my main "D" harp. It plays pretty good, it looks very good, and feels very good. It has a heavy feel. It has held up well. No funny taste from the comb like I got from the Suzuki Promaster. The harp plays on the same level as a special 20, but I think my Manji plays a little better. You can find one at

Danny said he has a limited number of them left.
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)

Last Edited by Jim Rumbaugh on Aug 12, 2021 7:54 AM

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