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John M G
433 posts
Jul 05, 2021
8:14 PM
Just came across this this morning, had to share it, I've been listening to a whole load of this bands work since I came across it.


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Soap Music
73 posts
Jul 07, 2021
5:38 AM
Excellent stuff. I just went to my Yamaha bike dealer and he's sold out of their CDs.
10355 posts
Jul 07, 2021
9:01 AM
Yeah, he can really play. Adam posted some of his stuff a few years back.

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Jul 07, 2021
10:55 AM
@Soap Music : I don't know why your Yamaha dealer would have any of their CD's but they're available online.
If you buy from Tower Records Japan, you can get internationally shipped:

Amazon seems to have some, too, but they're heavily marked up. I think it's awesome that you're willing to support these guys.

Marc Graci
YouTube Channel
Soap Music
74 posts
Jul 07, 2021
11:27 AM
Cheers Micro, difficult to find CDs online

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