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Dirty-South Blues Harp forum: wail on! > Using my solo to play the vocal melody, 69 Dollars
Using my solo to play the vocal melody, 69 Dollars
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Apr 22, 2021
6:42 PM
For a long time, my solos were mostly Chicago style blues licks stolen from LW or Jr Wells. But this doesn't always fit the song. Harmonica is maybe the instrument that is MOST similar to singing, so I think playing the vocal melody can really be a great approach!

What do you you think? Here's my band's cover of "69 Dollars":

Marc Graci
YouTube Channel
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Apr 25, 2021
7:05 AM
Your solo sounded great!

And I agree, playing the melody is a good approach to soloing.
672 posts
Apr 27, 2021
9:34 AM

Part of my mentality was that I was going last, after two guitar solos and a saxophone. The only way that I could make my mark is by leaning into the unique characteristics of the harmonica. For this song, I tried to think of the harp as a vocal substitute. There's a level of expressiveness that the guitar and sax can't match, I think.

My dad always said that there's three instruments that can really "cry": the violin, the saxophone, and (the people's instrument) the harmonica.
Marc Graci
YouTube Channel
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Apr 28, 2021
12:04 PM
Sounds good. I do that sometimes too, or at least nick a bit of the theme of it.

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